C vs C++ | Best difference You Should Know

C vs C++

C Programming Language

C is a middle-level language of programming which developed in 1972 at Bell Lab by Dennis Ritchie. This language combines High-level and Low-level Language features. Therefore it is measured as a middle-level language.

It’s a high-level programming language of the classical type that enables you to develop portable applications and firmware — the C developed with the writing-system software objective. For developing systems of firmware, it’s an ideal language.

Programming Language C++

C++ is a language of computer programming that comprises the Simula67 and C language features. C++ introduced the Objects and Class concept.

It compresses the features of low and high-level language. So, C++ realized as an intermediate-level language. Prior it was named “C with classes” as per it had all the C language properties.

Comparing of C vs C++

C vs. C++ programming languages are a little like a comparison of a traditional and an electric typewriter. This is for the reason that C++ is a direct downward of C, the “grandfather” of numerous modern languages of programming, merely with more under the cover. In C++ claims better productivity and efficiency, though, with more whistles and bells derives more responsibility.

Also, C took as the foundation of various high-level modern programming languages such as Java and C#. C++ is an improved language version which enlarges an object-oriented layer that increases developer productivity and speed. C++ is as well the foundation of languages for the Apache server of HTTP and the MongoDB database.

Similarities of C and C++

  • C & C++ languages have the same syntax.
  • Both the language code structure are the same.
  • The compilation of both languages is similar.
  • They both share a similar basic syntax. 
  • C++ has a little comprehensive grammar instead C. However, the basic grammar of both is the same.

The Difference Between C & C++

To acquire the knowledge of how C language is different from C++, there some points of differences between them.

Programming Type 

C is a procedural programming language, where the program focuses on the functions. The complete problem worn-out into various functions. The main program focus is on procedures or functions to become the things done.

On the contrary, C++ is an object-oriented language. In this, the problem data is the key focus, as well as the classes, which are made nearby this data. Functions work on the data as well as to data, are closely bound.

Programming Approach

As a procedural language, C language follows a top-down programming approach. At this time, we get the problem, and after that disrupts it into subproblems ’til, we get the single subproblems that can be directly solved. Formerly we join the solutions to obtain the key solution. (thurmondeye.com)

C++ language follows a bottom-up programming approach. Here, we start with coding or design of low-level and then to get a solution of high-level to develop this low-level design.

Application Development

C language, conversely, C++is more appropriate for network applications, server-side applications, or applications similar to gaming, and so on.

File Extension

The programs written in C language are generally saved with an extension of “.c” though the C++ programs saved with the extension of “.cpp.”

Compatibility with Each Other

C++ is a C language subset as it is advanced and receipts most of its procedural concepts from the programming language C. Therefore, any C language program will run and compile well with the C++ compiler.

On the other hand, C language doesn’t support C++ object-oriented features, and henceforth, with C++ programs, it’s not compatible. Then C++ programs will not run on compilers C.

Compatibility with Other Languages

C++ language is usually compatible with another generic language; however, C language isn’t.

Ease of Coding

C is an applied language as well as we can program C in anywhere we want. C++ contains some object-oriented programming of high-level constructs that aid us to code programs of high-level.

Therefore if we say C language, then C++ is easy, and C++ is as well easier to code.

Data Security

In C, the key focus is on procedures or functions instead of on data. Later, to the extent that the security of data is concerned, in C, it is negligible.

As we are managing objects and classes in C++, the program key building block is Data. Therefore, Secure data is tightly using access specifiers, classes, encapsulation, and so on.

Program Division

Also, C code divides into modules and functions. These modules and functions are formerly called for execution by the core function or another function.

A program C++ divided into objects and classes. The problem calculates into classes and these class objects are the units of executing those are created through the key functions as well as being executed.

Standard Input or Output Operations

In C, the standard I/O operations to write or read data to or from the standard device are ‘print’ or ‘scanf’ respectively.

The data is read in C++ from the standard device of input using ‘cin’ though it’s in print to the output device by ‘cout.’

C vs C++ Key Features

C Language Features and Properties 

  • Bottom-up approach.
  • Procedural.
  • System language of programming.
  • Supports pointers.
  • It doesn’t support objects and classes.

C++ Features and Properties 

  • Bottom-up approach.
  • Object-oriented
  • Faster Speed.
  • Support of Rich library in the standard template library form.
  • Compiled
  • Supports References and Pointers.


Generally, the battle of both C vs. C++ languages doesn’t have any clear winner as these have their pros & cons. Though, we have to think of that C language is a procedural that follows a programming style of step-by-step.

Conversely, we have the C++ object-oriented language, which emphases on objects as well as such features as information hiding or inheritance. Moreover, C++ allows developers to follow some procedural programming principles also.

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