What programming language should I learn first for Future

What programming language should I learn first for Future

Here in this blog, Codeavail experts will explain to you about students mostly asked the question about what programming language should I learn first for the future.

Without wasting time let’s know what programming language should I learn

Are you trying to build a carrier software engineering section? Or you also want to make a developer that all over the world wants to become or are you passionate enough to enter the programming world.

Then you are at the right place because through this blog you will get the proper guidance of what programming language should I learn. 

A programming language is an interesting and vast subject and it has various species that every engineer wants to learn to keep his career in mind.

Before learning the programming language first everyone to make sure in which field they have made their career because the programming language is a very wide subject and is difficult to learn every language with perfection.

No one is perfect in this field because every day there is change in coding because of updation in languages and one should have to stay connected with the programming language over time for better results.

So before learning what and why programming language should I learn to make sure you have the basic knowledge of programming language what programming is and how we should use this and how it works.

So, let’s start learning what programming language is!

Language is our principle of communication, every human interacts with this from a thousand years. The language included various words by which humans can communicate with each other. The words in the language itself are abstract, which also indicate the meaning, or they point to object or action, etc.

When you are looking at your computer, there are many types of software and hardware which used to communicate with each other. you are using the output devices like keyboard, mouse or either which reacts applications, the files may read from the disk storage manager and so on.

And everyone knows that the computer only understands the binary language which has only 0s and 1s which is also one of the programming languages made for computer understanding.

Programming language:

A programming language is a formal communication language. The languages contain a set of instructions that perform several sets of output. Basically, the programming language is used by the computer for the implementation of the algorithm.

Most of the programming language consists of abstract and instructions for machines and computers. A set of instructions is used in many programmable machines, rather than general programming. 

  • The first invention occurs of flute players by brothers Musa in the 9th century.
  • The programs have been used directly to the programmable machine to work in a better way.

What is code?

The code is the main part of a programming language. Without coding programming language is nothing the coding is everything in the programming language. Because a code contains a set of instructions or to-do lists. The instructions you write have extremely detailed and written in logic.

Every application, every software is made up of different codes or by coding we can make every programmable device work.

With code, you can build several applications or intelligent home applications, like automatic pet feeder, or you can make a robot who can help you in your household tasks and be your practical assistant who understands you

Types of programming language:

Types of programming language
Types of programming language

1. Functional Programming Language

This programming language is used to store data, constantly avoiding loops in support of recursive functions. This mainly focuses on the return values of functions, and side impacts and various hints that storing state are powerfully discouraged. 

For example, in an extremely pure useful language, if the function is termed, it assumes that the function will not modify or perform any output. It makes algorithmic calls and changes the parameters of these calls.

These languages are normally easier however, language is far away from the machine but the programming model makes it hard to identify exactly, and the decoder changes it according to the machine language.

2. Object-oriented Programming Language:

This type of programming language has a group of words as an object which has external obtaining part of the data and internal data. The main aim of this functional language is to solve the specific problems of an object.

The main policies of the object-oriented language are an encapsulation that every object will need inside of the object by polymorphism, you need not change the code while the capacity to spread current implementation.

3. Logic Programming Language

Logic programming languages have a set of logics and make declarative statements that allow the machine to give the result of those statements.

calling these groups of languages might be confusing. Also, in C language it is easy to program object-oriented languages. But the truth is most of the programming language must have the features and ideas from several domains, which helps the user during the coding process.

Fact is that not all the programming languages are completely suitable in all styles of programming.

4. Procedural Programming Language

This type of language mainly used to produce the flow of statements which drives to more reliable results. While coding the user needs the heavy loops, various variables and other elements that make it separate from the functional language.

The main function of the procedural programming language is that it controls the variables other than the function’s value returns.

5. Scripting Programming Language

The scripting programming language is like the procedural language but it also has object-oriented functions. This programming language is not full-fledged for the development of a large system. That’s why it falls into their own category. 

For example, this programing language doesn’t have the compile-time checking. Normally these languages need a small syntax to start.

Uses of Programming language

1.Mobile Development:

Making portable applications is somewhat annoying, on the grounds level. There is more than one working framework for versatile and diverse. Working frameworks will require various slang ​​for these applications.

A working framework is the bit of programming on your gadget that is liable for managing the equipment of this gadget, the layer sits between the application and equipment you make, regardless of whether it is a touchscreen, GPS or mic.

The extensively recognized two working frameworks are IOS and Android. IOS uses Apple and Android is most commonly in Samsung.

To assemble Android applications, you’ll need either Kotlin or Java, and to fabricate iOS applications you’ll require Objective-C or Swift. As of late, it has likely made portable applications for both IOS and android utilizing DART or javascript.

2. Game Development 

Game advancement is the greatest entertaining track that various designers enjoy and engineers who create games that save them for diversion as it were. A game engine is known as a tool uses for making games and essential toes to what is in the game and what it can do.

On the other hand, you also know about epic games and fortnightly games, the epic game is a game engine and a fortnight is based on it. The language used in-game improvements are C# or C++. It requires fast performance and a lot of memory to make rich designs.

In any case, it isn’t restricted to C ++ and C#, or you should make sure which engine you are using or which platform you are targeting, java and LUA were some famous applicants in the field of kids coding.

3. Web Development:

Two types of Web development:

  • Back-end developer
  • Front-end developer

The piece of web improvement that makes the application run on your system and alters the style, shading, and connections. It is basically the user concerned about what the user sees.

You are perusing this blog on certain screens that appear to you by the front-end index. The basics start with CSS and HTML with the utilization of JavaScript. The JavaScript has gotten one of the most noticeable languages ​​for front-end work throughout the years.

The next part for making sites is back-end advancement, which is server related, runs PC site programming and serves it to the world. This is for the most part identified with steering. This furnishes the client with pages when visiting certain URLs, it likewise converses with the database which stores the site data and gives the client this information Sends.

Back-end improvement is the place enchantment occurs and there are numerous choices to look over a programming language, you can simply adhere to JavaScript like a front-end advancement, or Going with C#, Ruby, PHP, water, python, PHP.

Characteristics of a programming Language –

These characteristics will help you in what programming language should I learn

  • Structure in programming language and fully documents so that no difficulty occurs during application development.
  • Preference for the portable programming language
  • The coding is easy to learn and use and must be simple, and have good readability and easy to recognize by humans
  • The efficiency of the programming language should be high. So it easily converts into machine language and uses little space of memory.
  • The syntax and semantics must be logical in the programming language.
  • The integrated development environment should be necessary for the programming language. 
  • Certain tools for Testing, development, maintenance, debugging of code in the programming language.

How to learn programming language:

Some points which help you to know how or what programming language should I learn.

1. Read through some basic tutorials for a variety of languages. 

If you don’t know which language you should start, then go through some of the tutorials which helps you to select the better language for our future.

There are a lot of tutorials available online which helps you to know what programming language should I learn.


The C language is the older language. It uses in various ios devices and it is the basis for all modern languages like objective-c, c# or c++.


Java programming uses by many developers and has applications form web applications to games and ATM also.


The starting language is easy to learn and it becomes so powerful when you get familiar with it. Python programming uses by lots of web developers for the making of games and applications

2. Mark a language:

First, you have to mark the language which language you have to learn because there is a lot of languages in this world. So first choose one of the languages in which you want to build your carrier.

If you want to get into the mobile application then there is a different programming language as compared to machine language.

If you say you want to become a web developer then there are different languages for that. So first make sure in which you want to build up your career. Then choose the language related to your field.

3. Read codes

When you choose your language then read some good tutorials related to that language. When you get the proper knowledge of programming language. Then start reading the codes which are published online it will help you to how to make code, how to use syntax and you get the ideas from that of writing code.

4. Solve challenges:

You need to solve the coding challenges or assignments which are available online. It improves your knowledge and from that, you get the practical knowledge of coding which helps to develop the skills.


This blog will definitely help you to know what programming language should I learn. Because in this you learn about types of programming language and full knowledge about programming language.

As a result, If you have any type of problem-related to programming language then you contact us anytime. Our computer science homework help and computer science assignment help experts. We will help you in all queries of programming assignment help with the best solution.

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