Tips for running online hackathons successfully

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Recruiting the best talent for the organization is the core of every recruiter’s job. But finding good talent is one of the most challenging parts. With so many candidates competing for the same spot and with the rising competitiveness, it can get very hard for recruiters to zero down on the right person for the right job.

Recruiters who have to choose programmers and developers for large corporations can find themselves in a tough spot working on the right tests and selection process. For this very reason, online hackathon platforms have come into existence that is perfect for technical recruiters to help identify the right resources for their openings, analyze and assess the candidates, and finally close positions faster and in a more efficient manner. 

Just like candidates, recruiters have the need to choose the best talent and ensure that the candidates provide the right skill sets as expected from the company. With online virtual hackathons, recruiters can find not only the best talent but also assess and prove their programming and development skills at the forefront. 

What is Tech Hiring Platforms?

There are many platforms that offer an online assessment of programming, coding, and developing skills using hackathons. A hackathon is simply a coding or a programming event that helps programmers in using their skills to develop software or applications under a given set of constraints for recruiters. Many companies now offer hackathon platforms for online contests and for recruiting talent simply using these websites such as HackerEarth Hackathon Platform.

HackerEarth offers one of the best online hackathon platform for recruiters and for event managers to conduct online hackathons for their candidates or employees to bring out the best programming skills and to keep employees engaged in a creative and adventurous manner. In many organizations such as Google and Microsoft, hackathons are part of employee engagement programs for team building and skill development. 

Online hackathon platform is extremely useful for technical recruiters who need to find a large number of developers or coders such as in campus drives or for global position filling drives. Most recruiters need to find talent on a never-ending basis to fill requirements globally in most blue-chip companies and in large corporations.

A tech hiring platform that offers hackathons can be very custom-made to include the specifications that the recruiter is looking for along with the guidelines of the job. Thus, the candidates are already pre-filtered making the selection process faster and more reliable. 

Advantages of using Hackathon based Platforms

Below are some of the advantages of using hackathon based online tech hiring platforms for recruiters:

1. Result Oriented

The entire process is very goal-oriented – the needs of the employer is predetermined based on which the hackathon is prepared. The process gives out very result oriented candidates who have been successful in meeting most criterions

2. Easy Filtering and Selection

With most of the criteria set out in the hackathon, it is easy to filter out the candidates and the selection process becomes easier and more justified. The tools that are present in such platforms enable recruiters to customize their hackathons effectively

3. Efficient and Reliable

The entire process is automated with excellent tools that help recruiters in identifying top talent, screen the developers and programmers, assess coding capabilities, conduct coding interviews and help hire the best of talent across the globe in a flexible and versatile manner. 

4. Saves Time and Improves Efficiency

Resume Pursang and Filtering Tool help in saving time for recruiters.  Because recruiters have to lick only a few resumes instead of reviewing every unqualified applicant’s resume. Hence the time to hire gets reduced automatically with a recruiting CRM and ATS.

The candidates will grow rapidly in the hiring process and will effectively utilize the employee’s time during the hiring.

5. Fully understand the employer’s requirements 

Knowing about the employer’s requirements and expectations helps you find the right candidate for their requirement. If you are a recruiter working for a business then talk to the current employee in the tech department to see how they interact and what a new team member could add.  As a recruiter who works with many businesses, maintaining constant communication can help you build a deeper understanding of various needs while also fostering a long-term relationship.