Top 51 Solar System Project Ideas for Students- Amazing Ideas!

Solar System Project Ideas For Students

Our solar system comprises so many awesome things – like the hot, glowing Sun in the middle that gives off energy to all the planets. Some planets also go around the Sun – some rocky, some gassy, some icy, and all very different! We list 51 fun solar system projects you can make with your hands to teach you about the planets, Sun, and moons.

You can build models of the planets using common craft supplies like clay, paint, and cardboard. Even experiment with how craters happen by dropping marbles into a flour pan! There are projects here for all grades and skills. 

The best part is that you can build, craft, and discover things with these projects while using your creativity. So get ready to make solar system mobiles, planet dioramas, moon phase calendars, and much more. Read this list, and you’ll have over 50 out-of-this-world ideas for learning about the solar system by making super cool projects on your own!

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Top 51 Most Amazing Solar System Project Ideas For Students 

Here is the top 51 solar system project ideas list we have made for you so that, as a student, you can focus more on preparing your project ideas rather than searching for suggestions for the best idea online. 

1. Build a scale model of the solar system

This would involve creating a physical 3D model showing the relative sizes and distances between the sun, planets, and their orbits. You could use different-sized spheres and wire hoops.

2. Planet fact poster

Make an informational poster including fun, interesting facts about each planet, such as size, temperature, moons, composition, etc.

3. Travel brochure

Pretend to advertise tourist trips to other planets, highlighting locations and activities.

4. Motorized model

Build a mechanical model that uses gears or motors to demonstrate how planets revolve around the sun and moons around planets.

5. Alien costume

Design an imaginative costume showing what life forms might have evolved to survive on a different planet like Mars or Venus.

6. Planet cupcakes

Decorate each cupcake creatively to look like a different planet with details like rings, red spots, craters, etc, using frosting and candy.

7. Solar system poem/song

Compose an entertaining poem or parody of song lyrics about facts related to the sun, planets, dwarf planets, asteroids, or other solar system objects.

8. Orrery

This mechanical model shows the relative motions of the Earth, moon, and sun – can be built from wood, metal, or LEGOs.

9. Mobile

Assemble representations of different planets and moons on rods that balance and move, representing respective orbits.

10. Board game

Invent a fun game involving play pieces advancing between spaces representing different celestial bodies in our solar system. Add challenges like asteroid belts!

11. Space exploration scrapbook

Make a scrapbook detailing the history of space missions, astronauts, and images of other planets and moons gathered by probes and satellites over the years.

12. Model rocket

Build and launch a miniature rocket powered by chemical reaction engines and track its flight path.

13. Invent a planet

Dream up your fictional planet not yet discovered, and describe its environment, terrain, atmosphere, and potential lifeforms.

14. Alien perspective story

Write a short story or diary entry pretending to be a visitor from another world, documenting impressions and experiences about Earth and humans.

15. Planet cube

Decorate each face of a cardboard cube with images depicting the features of each planet.

16. Constellation maps

Draw star charts showing patterns of stars forming constellations, overlay positions of the zodiac, planets, comets, etc.

17. Space history timeline

Make an annotated timeline highlighting major milestones in understanding the cosmos like Galileo’s discoveries, the launch of space telescopes, moon landings, etc.

18. Mural

Paint a mural with artistic depictions of cosmic scenery – maybe spaceships flying past brightly colored planets, stars, and swirling galaxies.

19. Planet poem

Compose an imaginative free verse poem from the perspective of a planet or moon reflecting on its history and orbital course.

20. Flipbook

Draw sequential images of a rocketship flying past each planet in order and bind them into a flipbook that shows animation when pages are turned.

21. Astronaut treats

Make creative treats like star-shaped cookies or popsicles dipped in red, blue, and green candy coating, like freeze-dried “astronaut ice cream.”

22. Alien makeup/costume

Use makeup, face paint, and random household items to disguise yourself as a visitor from another world.

23. Space song lyrics

Rewrite lyrics to a pop song substituting space references – e.g., David Bowie’s “Ground Control to Major Tom.”

24. Glow-in-the-dark model

Build a scale model of orbits where planets glow under blacklight – could use glow-in-the-dark paint.

25. Invent planet

Imagine characteristics of a new undiscovered planet adding to the current NASA count – describe features, supported lifeforms, etc.

26. Stop motion tour

Use action figures or clay models to create an animated stop-motion video giving a guided tour past each planet, highlighting details.

27. Space board game

Design a customized board game with spaceship pieces and chance cards related to space travel themes. Invent imaginative rules.

28. Future colonies drawing

Make detailed technical drawings depicting what you imagine human settlements on Mars, underwater on Europa, etc., could look like in the next century.

29. Moon rover model

Engineer a model of a robotic lunar rover from household materials like Lego or craft supplies. Add tools, sensors, movable parts, etc.

30. Alien language

Invent vocabulary and grammar for a fictional alien language and write legends or fables in that language, pretending to translate them.

31. Solar system sculpture

Using painted styrofoam balls of varying sizes, create a hanging sculpture representing the planets orbiting at different radii around the sun.

32. Planet exploration video game

Use coding software to program a simple video game, allowing players to virtually explore the surface of Mars, Europa, or other planets and moons.

33. Astronaut interview

Write an imaginary list of questions you could ask real astronauts about their training and experiences living in space on the ISS space station.

34. Apollo plays

Write a short historical drama or musical recreating Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s first moon landing – have friends help act it out.

35. Mars travel guide

Create an imaginative travel guide for humans visiting Mars in the future, including sites like Olympus Mons, Valles Marineris, the polar ice caps, and more. Add maps.

36. Pluto song

Write a folk ballad lamenting Pluto’s demotion from planet status – get creative embellishing reasons it should still be considered a planet.

37. Astronaut food

Sample freeze-dried astronaut food like ice cream. Compare taste and texture to normal versions. Read about nutritional requirements in space.

38. Mars debate

Research the pros and cons of establishing a Mars colony in the future. Debate sides in structured arguments with friends. Consider costs, risks, and benefits to science.

39. Spacesuit design

Sketch plans for potential design improvements to the current NASA spacesuits, making them more flexible, comfortable, adjustable, etc. Label key functions.

40. Alien landscape painting

Let your imagination run wild, painting an artistic landscape depicting the surface and sky on a hypothetical extraterrestrial planet elsewhere in the cosmos.

41. Alien invasion broadcast

Pretend to deliver urgent breaking news live reporting on an alien invasion. Describe scenes of alien ships arriving and strange occurrences. Record it as though it were real found footage!

42. Alien horror movie

Write a script and film a silly short horror movie depicting first contact with dangerous alien life forms threatening Earth. Use homemade props and visual effects.

43. Plush aliens

Designed and sewed original plush stuffed aliens and cosmic critters inspired by imaginative lifeforms on other worlds.

44. Name a star petition

The research process for officially naming stars through the International Star Registry. Start a petition requesting one be named in honor of someone special.

45. Analyze satellite images

Study real satellite pictures of Mars, the moon, Venus, etc, from space agencies looking for unusual geographical formations like canals, giant craters, or signs of vegetation.

46. Future colony sculptures

Sculpt small-scale models envision what architectural styles human settlers might build on Mars using local materials like ice and red rock.

47. Calculate planet ages

Use an orbital period and rotation speed data to mathematically calculate how old you would be in equivalent years if living on other planets instead of Earth.

48. Interstellar travel concept

Imagine and describe an original futuristic technology like warp drive, wormholes, light sails, etc., which could theoretically enable humans to travel to and colonize distant star systems.

49. Paper mâché models

Construct 3D models of cosmic objects like asteroids, gas giant planets, and icy moons using cardboard shapes covered in paper mâché. Paint surfaces with details.

50. Io volcano model

Build a small erupting volcano diorama representing Io, the volcanic Jovian moon, using clay, paints, and baking soda lava.

51. Night sky observation

Systematically log and document the positions of visible stars, planets, and constellations in the night sky over a month. Track and analyze changes.

This list of project ideas includes options that are perfect for high school students and some ideas for elementary school students. So that you don’t have to waste your time searching for good solar system project ideas in different places. 

Sum Up

And there are 51 awesome solar system project ideas to excite students! From making up alien worlds to coding games set on faraway planets, these fun concepts tap into kids’ love of space

Students can learn more about space and planets while using their creativity. Whether you create a solar system mobile, study NASA pictures, or make alien movies, these hands-on projects make learning fun. 

They show students the extreme environments in our neighboring worlds. So try out some space activities! They encourage interest in science and math in young dreamers and builders. 

The only limit is what students can dream up! With 51 ideas, there’s something for every imagination to explore planets beyond Earth.


What is the benefit of having students take on solar system projects?

Solar system projects allow students to explore astronomy and space sciences in an engaging, hands-on manner. They make learning interactive and fun, sparking interest and imagination.

How can teachers adapt these solar system project ideas?

Teachers can simplify or expand on these projects based on age and ability levels. Younger students may focus more on arts/crafts approaches, while older ones take on experiments, calculations, or coding.

Which solar system projects can be done without spending much money?

Many ideas like alien stories, poems, planet debates, and constellation maps require minimal supplies – mostly paper, pens, and research.