Top Most Useful Python Modules List

Python Modules List

Python is an interpreted, high-level, and general-purpose functional programming language that emphasizes code readability. It can be used in several organizations as it provides various programming paradigms. It also does memory maintenance on its own. It is among the most common, in-demand, and widely used programming languages. This is because it is easy to learn and because it’s super versatile. Also, it has a large range of libraries and modules. 

Before we discuss the Python modules list, it is important to have knowledge of Python first. Some of the modules are covered in this blog, which would be useful if you are a novice or an expert. Since the majority of them are third-party plugins, they are not included with Python and must be installed. Below we have given detailed information on the Python modules list and how you can use these modules.

What are modules in Python?

A file containing Python descriptions and statements is referred to as a module. A module is a file having Python code, such as, and the name of the module is an example. Modules are utilized to separate complex programs into smaller, more manageable files. Furthermore, modules allow code to be reused. Instead of copying their meanings into separate applications, we should describe our most commonly used functions in a module and import them. Let’s start by making a module. Save the file as by typing the following. Before we move onto the Python modules list let us see an example of a Python module first.

Example of Python modules:

Suppose you want to create a calculator program to add, multiply, subtract, and divide any numbers. Therefore, you can separate the codes into smaller programs or a single module for a separate operation. You can also utilize these modules in a different program. Here, the principal concept of the modules is to reduce the code. Furthermore, the codes can run in different programs. You can use variable names to call them and use an interpreter to execute it.

Example of Python modules

What is the advantage of Python modules?

You can use Python modules list to separate the long programs into shorter programs that can quickly organize and manage. Besides, the Python modules provide code reusability. 

Advantage of utilizing the modules?

There are different advantage python modules offer, such as:

  • Simplicity: The modules focus on the more modest proportions rather than focusing on complete problems.
  • Reusability: With the help of Python modules, one can use code multiple times.
  • Scoping: The module namespace is defined utilizing a module, which avoids crashes between the identifiers.

Most Useful Python Modules list


Pyperclip module was made to facilitate cross-platform copy-pasting in Python, which was earlier missing. This module has copy() and paste() functions that can transfer text to and accept text from the clipboard of the computer. Giving the output of your program to the clipboard will make it easy to paste it on an email, word processor, or other software. Pyperclip doesn’t come with Python. To install it, understand the ways for installing third-party modules. After installing, start the following into IDE:

# Python program to

# demonstrate pyperclip module

# This will import pyperclip

import pyperclip

pyperclip.copy(“Hello there!”)


pyperclip.copy(“Isn’t pyperclip good?”)



As if howdoi was not enough, importing the whole Wikipedia! Is easy. Yes, We can now import Wikipedia in Python utilizing the Wikipedia module. Use the continuous flow of information with Python for everyday necessities.

Install it as:

pip install Wikipedia

Then write the code as:

import Wikipedia

result =“codeavail”)



Emojis have become the best way to show and improve simple boring texts. Now, the same can be applied in Python programs too. Yes, really! You now have the endowment to utilize emojis in your code. For this, an emoji module is required to be installed.

In the terminal. Use:

pip install emoji 

To modernize to the most advanced packages of emojis. Here’s how you can do it:

pip install emoji –upgrade


The main reason why this module is on the list is that it is fun! It’s normally a Python 3 easter egg that is utilized in Google App Engines. It was combined with Google App Engines just as a means to delight the users.

Install it:

Get A+ grades in your assignment

pip install antigravity

And then type this in your integrated development environment to see the magic:

import antigravity

This clears up a page in your browser, including a Python comical abstract developed for your delight. 


Do you have a coding problem? Want to visit Codeavail without leaving the terminal? With the help howdoi, you can achieve that!

Install the howdoi module by:

pip install howdoi

Or install from Python by:

python install

Ask any type of question you have, and it will try its best to explain it.

howdoi make trees in Python

howdoi commit in git

Finally, you don’t have to open those web browsers for a fast search and get those massive numbers of ads and intrusions. Just howdoi!

howdoi use Howdoi in Python

How To Use Python Modules?

To combine the module into our program, we will use the import keyword, from which the keyword is applied to get only some or distinct methods or functions from a module. Let’s discuss various methods to apply a module in your program.

Let’s say we have a file.

import calc as a

x = 20

y = 40

addition = a.add(x,y)


The code we have given above the output will be adding the two numbers x and y using the logic defined in the add function in the module.

Let’s see it with a different method.

from calc import *

x = 20

y = 50


In this code, we have introduced all the functions with the help of the asterisk, and we can discuss the name of the function to get the outcomes. 


From all these, you will get an understanding of the python modules list and what is the advantage of using these modules. We have also discussed different kinds of Python modules. There are much more available, depending on your needs, for example – you can even use some to send emails in Python with Gmail. With the use of these modules, the job becomes more manageable, maintainable, and effective. If you want people to be aware of a module, package, or library you can tell them to visit our website. Moreover, If you want to learn more about these modules or need Python Programming Help then you can discuss it with our experts.