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Are you trying to make a good application for the android operating system? or want to Learn Android Programming For Beginners or you also want to be a good developer or web application developer across the world or are you passionate enough to enter the programming world. Then You have to read this blog will full concentration. Our android experts will provide you the proper guidance on how to learn android programming.

A programming language is a very vast subject and an interesting subject for a good programmer, and it has various species that every engineer wants to learn to enter in an IT Sector.

Before learning the android programming language or to be an android software developer, one should be sure in which field they have to make their career because there are so many programming languages used to make an application and definitely programming language is a wide subject. No one is perfect in this Web Developer field as every day there should be some changes or updates occur in this field. So you should have to connect over time to become a successful android Web developer.

Let’s start learning Best Way To Learn Android Programming For Beginners by experts.

What Is Android?

Android Programming is a customizable and open-source mobile operating system that is designed by Google and is mainly invented for touchscreen device users. It is the most used or most popular operating system utilized by people in this world. Android is getting so broad as it starts from touchscreen mobile phones and now it is also used in watches and smart LED Televisions. 

In Android operating systems we use several types of applications and that is developed by Android software development. It is the process by which a developer invents an application for different devices running the Android operating system. Android applications may be developed by using several popular programming languages like Java, Kotlin, and C++ by using the (SDK) Android software development kit. It is also possible to create Applications in different programming languages.

Some programming languages and tools allow cross-platform app support (i.e. for both iOS and android). Third-party development environments, tools, and language help have also extended to evolve and grow since the initial SDK was released in 2008. The standard Android application delivery mechanism to end-users is Google Play;  it also provides staged regular application releases, as well as several pre-release application versions to testers.

Steps How To Learn Android Programming For Beginners Faster

Visit Official Website

Firstly, You have to visit the official website and check the latest version for android, read all important ecosystems and a variety of solutions, technologies, and ideas linked with Android.

Go With Kotlin

Google officially recommends Kotlin as it is a first-class programming language. Some organizations invent commercial applications by using only JAVA Help. But Kotlin is the best language for Android Developers and you should have to learn Kotlin if you want a good Android application developer. 

Start With Material Design

It is the website where you can visit and read all the important information, collect ideas and some steps. Here you can get the chance to make a good design for your Android application. You shouldn’t at this point if you want to make an application.

Get Android Studio IDE

Android studio is the best IDE recommended by Google so only use this.

Android studio is the best IDE for android web development. There Is Eclipse also but this one is the best one. Just install it, read all the instructions, and grab a little bit of knowledge on how to use and start working on that.

Start With A Code

Practically knowledge with theory is the best way to learn something. You should have to do it practically if you want to learn properly.

Now visit again to the official android website and select the “Develop” section.

There You See Two Section

  1. Training Courses and codelabs: This section is for training students, here you will find some helpful examples of code. read all these lessons before moving forward.
  2. API Reference: This section is very important for inventing android applications so go through it carefully.

Stay Updated Always

This is a very important point to be a Perfect Android Application Developer. As I recently tell you above that you have to stay connected to every update which occurs in this field. Because if you have the proper updated knowledge about your field then only you can be different from others and one more thing you have to be a skilled person different from others.

Some Of The Best Applications Of Android 

Educational Applications

There are a lot of applications for students which is used by many educational institutes for several purposes

Hospitality Applications

There are several applications for different purposes to use in hospitals. Applications like for medicine, for an online appointment, etc.

Bank Applications

As everything is getting digital so Android is developing many applications for bank users for online transactions. There are many applications for different banks.

Gaming Applications

There are so many gaming applications that are android based. Many people like gaming in their free time so they can play on their mobile phones rather than using PCs.

Government Application

Arogya setu application is the best example for use of government application. There are many other applications also that are used by many government offices.


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