JavaScript vs Python: An Honest Review for Web Development

javascript vs python

Web development is becoming one of the fastest-growing sectors of IT. No matter that, JavaScript vs Python is one of the best programming languages among web developers. Both programming languages have their own merits and demerits at the same time. 

However, the comparison between both programming languages has always been popular in the web developer community.

As a result, the discussion between JavaScript vs Python often produces questions like which programming language is better? Is Python harder than JavaScript? Is Python used for client-side or server-side? And many more. Your mind is full of questions when it comes to choosing something between one from another.

So, to cover nearly all of your questions, we manage to give you an honest review of JavaScript vs Python programming help.

Before we move to its comparison, it is crucial to understand its basic knowledge.

So, let’s Begin!

What is JavaScript?

Brendan Eich created the JavaScript language in the year of 1995. JavaScript is a scripting language. Since it was first released, JavaScript is mostly used client-side language. Although it is mostly used on the client side, Javascript can now be used on the server-side. As a result, you can do full-stack development using Javascript. In fact, you can build a standalone desktop application using only JS and Node.Js ( Framework of JavaScript ).

Since it was first released, JavaScript has been one of the most popular scripting languages used in web development.

  • As per the Stack Overflow Developer Survey held in 2021, JavaScript has become the top scripting language, with over 70% of professional developers using it.
  • It is used to create interactive mobile applications and web pages. 
  • JavaScript is an open-source Scripting language.
  • Versatile in nature means it can run on both client-side and server-side.
  • Javascript is an easy language to learn. As a result, you can easily shift to any javascript framework.
  • It provides a strong testing workflow.
  • It is a cross-platform scripting language.

What is Python?

Guido Van Rossum developed it in the year of 1991. Python is an open-source scripting language. However, Python is an object-oriented and general-purpose programming language and it is also used in web development. This programming language is widely used in different sectors like data science, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Web Development.

If we talk about Python in the web development sector, then the main question here is whether Python is used on the Client-side or Server side. The answer is, Mostly, it can be used as a Backend, but you can use Python as Frontend also with the help of some additional tools.

  • Easy to learn the language, you can easily maintain your code in Python.
  • Python supports an automatic Garbage collection feature.
  • It offers an interesting mode of testing and debugging.
  • Python provides you with a fast compilation time.
  • Fast prototyping in Python. Python takes less time to build projects, so quick development makes Python better for startups.

Which is better Side by Side Comparison: JavaScript vs Python

Now, as we clearly understand both languages. So, now we can dig deeper into their differences.

Syntax: JavaScript vs Python 

Both the programming languages are different from each other in many ways, but the most common is in their Syntax is 

  • Code Blocks

How JavaScript defines its Code Block.

In javascript, we use curly brace{} to group statements that belong to the same group. For Example:

If (y<6)




How Python define its Code Block

Python uses indentation to mark a block of code. For example:

if pwd == ‘apple’:

    print(‘sign in …’)


    print(‘Incorrect password.’)

print(‘All done!’)

The statement print(‘sign in …’) and print(‘Incorrect password.’) are two separate code blocks.

Popularity: JavaScript vs Python  

As per the Stack Overflow Developer Survey held in 2021.

JavaScript is becoming the most popular scripting language among professional developers. As a result, Javascript has been on top for over more than nine years. On the other hand, Python is in the fourth position and continues moving past SQL. 

Performance: JavaScript vs Python

In software development, developers and clients are concerned about Performance, and why not talk about that. Performance plays a vital role in any industry, whether you work in a restaurant or as a full-stack developer. When we talk about Performance, we are mostly talking about speed. 

If we compare both languages, then Python is significantly slower than JavaScript. If we talk about memory-intensive things, then both languages do not perform well.

Versatility: JavaScript vs Python

Both languages perform well when we talk about versatility. When we talk about versatility, we considered points like:

Web development. 

Mobile development. 

AI, Machine Learning. 

Both the programming languages perform well if we consider all those points. But Javascript has an advantage when dealing with both web and mobile development. On the other hand, Python is more capable of AI and Machine Learning.

Salary Expectation:

Top paying technology as per the Stack Overflow Survey (2021).

Note: This is not the full picture of Top paying technology. We just crop this to show you only Python and JavaScript.

Due to the high demand in the IT sector. The professional level of a Python developer made roughly $59,454. On the other hand, The professional developer of JavaScript made about $54,049 per annum.

Google Trend

In this graph, JavaScript is denoted as Blue, and Python is denoted as Red. It shows the “Ups and Downs” of both languages in the form of lines.

This graph shows the regional wise data, i.e. (Worldwide) and Data of the past five years.

Both languages are on top of each other, but, as you can see, Python has significantly more search terms if we compare it with Javascript. As a result, Python is the winner. 

For Web Development: JavaScript vs Python

In Python, we can easily do backend coding with the help of a framework like Django. Django is the most popular Python framework for backend coding. Python is not the best option for web development, but you can make it work if you don’t have any other option.

On the other hand, JavaScript is built for web development. You can do both the Frontend and Backend with Javascript easily. It is recommended to use JavaScript on the Client-Side, but you can also do plenty of work on the server-side.

Machine Learning: JavaScript vs Python

JavaScript offers a limited number of modules, like JSON and date. As a result, it is not compatible with Machine learning.

On the other hand, Python is built for machine learning. You can get numerous libraries that help a programmer in machine learning. Moreover, Python is compatible with most programming languages. As a result, it makes Python the best programming language for machine learning compared to JavaScript.

5 reasons why JavaScript is better than Python for Web Development

  • Javascript is best for web development because javascript code can be implemented on both the client and server sides.
  • More professional developers tend to choose JavaScript rather than Python in terms of Backend also.
  • Javascript is like the GOLDEN Ticket for you if you want to get into IT.
  • Javascript is an easy language to learn. However, many people will say that Python is easier to learn. Well, that’s not true if you think with the mind of a professional developer.
  • Javascript is anciently the most popular language. For over nine years, javascript has been at the top. 

5 reasons why Python is better than JavaScript for Web Development

  • Python is used to build business apps, data science apps, web apps, and GUIs.
  • Python is more useful today than ever because Python combines AI features with web development.
  • Salary expectation is also better than Javascript.
  • As per the growth of the world. It’s more getting towards Artificial Intelligence. 
  • Python is now overtaking many languages because of the demand for AI in the IT sector.

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In Conclusion

Well, in the end, it depends on your needs and project. But if you are typically saying web development, JavaScript is better than Python. Because JavaScript provides the excess to work with both client-side and server-side.

Well, it is really difficult to work with the wrong language. So, in my opinion, first, identify your need and then start work on your project.

As a result, JavaScript is more suitable for web development than Python.

Finally, if you want to start your career in web development and are confused about which language to choose between JavaScript vs Python, the answer is JavaScript, without any doubt.

Thanks for your precious time. I hope you like it!