Java Vs JavaScript: Must Know the Difference Between Both Languages

Java Vs JavaScript: Must Know the Difference Between Both Languages

Here in this blog, CodeAvail experts will explain to you Java vs Javascript in detail. Know the difference between both languages.

Java vs JavaScript

New learners and non-tech individuals are confused with Java and JavaScript programming because the word “Java” is common in both the languages. Both the programming languages utilize in their regard and both have strengths over the other. One doesn’t have to be better than the other programming language.

Programmers utilize both Java and Javascript for a variety of various tasks. JavaScript is not related to the Java programming language. Both Java and JavaScript languages have a C like a syntax and are broadly utilized in client-side Web applications. But there are some similarities only. To clear out the difference between Java vs JavaScript we have created a table for your better understanding. 

What is the Java programming language?

Java is a computer programming language utilized for general purposes and is object-oriented, concurrent, and class-based. By James Gosling, it was invented in 1995 and developed by Sun Microsystems. It took more than 10 days to develop it.

A number of Sun Microsystems engineers worked together and created Java. The language is made so that developers can run it on all platforms that support Java without requiring to be recompiled.

Some features of Java

Some of the essential Java features are:

  • Java is highly Robust and Very Secure
  • Java is easy to understand. It has no complication in its features like an inheritance, pointer, operator overloading, etc.
  • It is created for developing object-oriented applications.
  • However, it describes an instance of a class like encapsulation, abstraction inheritance, polymorphism.
  • It writes code only once and runs it on almost every computer platform
  • Java is a multithreaded language with automated memory management.

What is the Javascript language?

Javascript is recognized as the most powerful Coding language on the web. It is originally utilized to develop network-oriented applications. It is mostly utilized for web pages. Whose implementations support client-side script to communicate with the user and create dynamic pages.

Javascript is first recognized as LiveScript, but after that Netscape changed its name to Javascript. By utilizing HTML one can only create a web page. But cannot run any logic on a web browser like the summation of two numbers, correct any condition decision-making statement (if-else). All these tasks cant be done by using HTML So for all these tasks we require JavaScript.

Features of Javascript

  • Object-based scripted language
  • Handling dates and time
  • Else and if statement
  • Generating HTML content 
  • Lightweight and delicate
  • Detecting the user’s browser and OS
  • It is case sensitive
  • Ability to create functions in the script
  • Statement looping

Significant Differences on Java vs Java-Script:

A list of important differences between both Java and JavaScript language

  • Java has a strong type of language on the other hand JavaScript is a loose type of language i.e. You are required to represent variables using set objects before utilizing them but in JavaScript, you can utilize a variable in a flexible way.
  • Java is an interpreted and compiled Coding language and performed on JVM which needs JRE and JDK. On the other hand, JavaScript is interpreted which is performed on a browser and it is plain text.
  • We have the support of constructors in Java. But the constructor is a function in JavaScript. And in Java there are rules for constructors in JavaScript there is no rule like that.
  • With bytecode, Java is platform-independent on the other hand JavaScript code is written on the basis of compatibility of the browser. As few codes might work on particular browsers versions and do not work on various versions of the same browser.
  • Java is a class-based programming language. On the other hand, JavaScript is prototype-based although it has object-oriented programming techniques.
  • Likewise, It has help for various numeric data types. On the other hand, JavaScript essentially deals with floating-point data types.
  • Java has a static type of language. On the other hand, JavaScript is a dynamical type of language as a declaration of variables at compile time with the data type. But in JavaScript, it can accept various types of data types.
  • Both JavaScript and Java languages are open-source inherently as we can update or change the original code and use. Java performs concurrency utilizing a thread-based method but JavaScript practices event-based mechanisms.
  • Java completes non-block statements with a semicolon. But in JavaScript semicolons id used at the end of particular lines.
  • JavaScript has help for closures where we can transfer a function as an argument to different functions. But Java does not have this help but can be performed utilizing an unknown class.
  • Java has an implicit class scope on the other hand JavaScript has the implicit global scope.
  • Java has the help of Enum data type with the help of which we can represent a set of constants. On the other hand, JavaScript does not have set a constant declaration.
  • According to projects created in the past few years, JavaScript has more reputation on GitHub developers.
  • Java has a switch structure that accepts only constants and JavaScript also has a switch structure that accepts several values.

Java vs JavaScript Comparison Table

Basis of ComparisonJavaJavaScript
OOPSThis language is an object-oriented programming language that utilizes objects to complete any operations based on the connection between objects.It is an object-oriented scripting language that utilizes objects related to Java.
Mobile applicationsMobile applications which are old are often written in Java and mobile phones platforms like Android and Symbian also help JavaBy using JavaScript mobile applications can be improved but there are some conditions as we require to use third-party tools. Like the phone gap to change it to the original code which mobile OS/platform can execute.
Running PlatformApplications and programs of Java run in a Java virtual machine that needs installing JRE and JDK on a system.JavaScript applications of JavaScript running on a web browser and no requirement of any original setup.
CompilationJava programs are interpreted and compiled as it is a programming language.But, JavaScript is interpreted as it is a scripting language which is a plain text code.
SyntaxThe syntax of the Java language is related to the C/C++ programming language. The Java program will be in classes and objects.The syntax of JavaScript language is related to the C language. But naming rules are similar to Java programming language.
Learning CurveJava has great documentation, online forums, online sources, and areas from which anyone can learn quickly. If you desire to make programming and applications you can learn Java.JavaScript also has great documentation, online forums, online sources, and areas by which anyone can learn quickly. As we can see its performance in the browser instantly. If you want to make web applications and websites we can learn JavaScript.
ScopeJava is accessible almost everywhere and it is a free programming language that can run on various operating systems. Java utilizes block-based scoping once control comes out of a block then variable goes out of scope JavaScript is often utilized on web browsers and relies on CSS and HTML due to which it is not accessible globally. JavaScript utilizes function-based scoping as the variable can be obtained in the function.
SupportJava is backed by many operating systems as almost every operating system supports.
JavaScript is also backed by many web browsers that come with various operating systems. And developers can directly produce scripts using JavaScript as it will be easy.

Is Java required for JavaScript?

No, it is not needed at all. Since JavaScript includes Java, it does not mean you have to go through Java first. What you require is a basic understanding of programming. Like what is the use of for loop or if-else. Java and JavaScript languages are completely different and not connected with each other. 

Java utilizes for the creation of website front end parts and it is known as the scripting language. On the other hand, Java is utilized for the server-side part, standalone applications, or making operating systems(Android).


Now you have the idea of what is the difference between both Java vs javascript languages. One will be utilized for most applications and backend programs on the other hand other is utilized for making web applications. I hope you have a good understanding of both languages. It is good if you learn both Java and JavaScript languages as we can become a full-stack developer if we master. As they are almost different languages.

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