Go vs Python: Comparison between Go and Python language

Go vs Python

Go vs Python is important, mainly as several students are confused about the difference between both the language.  Both Python and Go are general-purpose programming languages. Which means they can be used in different development areas.

For example, machine learning is a possibility for both Go and Python languages. But Python is difficult to beat with its complex frameworks. Web development is a choice as well.

On the other hand, Go web programming needs more code than Python. It follows very easy to understand syntax rules to give easy-to-read code. Another difference is that Go is compiled language and Python is an interpreted language. This point is one of the rules for determining which language is faster. We describe some of the best differences between both the language for your better understanding.

What Is Golang?

Go is an open-source programming language developed by Google. Which gives it easy to make efficient, simple and reliable software. Golang supports concurrent programming and also allows running multiple processes simultaneously. This is performed using channels, goroutines, etc. Syntactically Go is similar to C, but with structural typing, memory safety, CSP-style concurrency, and garbage collection. Because of its domain name, golang.org, the language is usually known as “Golang” but the usual name is Go. 

Features of Golang

Here, are essential features of Golang language

  • Compiled language
  • Open-source project
  • Static typing
  • Created at Google
  • Simple and readable code
  • Concurrency support
  • Simple concurrency support via goroutines
  • Garbage collection called goLand
  • Package management
  • Great libraries
  • Features powerful standard library

What Is Python?

Python is a widely used high-level, general-purpose programming language. By Guido van Rossum it was originally created in 1991 and developed by Python Software Foundation. It was essentially developed for emphasis on code readability. And its syntax allows programmers to communicate concepts in some lines of code.

Python also gives support for packages and modules, which enables system modularity and code reuse. Python is one of the quickest programming languages as it needs very few lines of code. Due to its rich support and library. It has wide applications in Desktop Applications, Machine Learning, Web development, etc.

Features of Python

Here, are essential Python features 

  • High-performance
  • Easy to understand, read, and maintain
  • It allows support for automatic garbage collection.
  • Its language can be integrated with Java, C, C++ and JAVA programming code.
  • Python supports an interactive mode of debugging and testing.
  • Easy, minimal syntax
  • One can include low-level modules to the Python interpreter.
  • Fast compilation times
  • It gives high-level dynamic data types and also helps dynamic type checking.
  • Statically connected binaries which are simple to use
  • Python gives ideal support and structures for large programs.
  • Python can run on different hardware platforms & using the same interface.

Significant Differences Between Go vs Python

Below are some of the key Differences Between Python vs Go

  1. Python is a scripting language that has to be interpreted. On the other hand, Go is faster most of the time since it does not analyze anything at runtime.
  2. Python is a language that is easy to understand and hence more readable, flexible. On the other hand, Go is also in the prime league. When it comes to clear syntax which holds zero unnecessary components.
  3. Go has a built-in concurrency mechanism. But Python does not give a built-in concurrency mechanism.
  4. When it comes to security, Python is a completely typed language that is compiled. Hence combining a layer of safety. On the other hand, Go is average since every variable must have a type connected with it. It means a developer cannot give away the details which will later point to bugs.
  5. To achieve the same functionality Python is less verbose as compared to Go.
  6. As compared to Go language Python has many libraries but slowly this situation with Go is growing.
  7. Python is still best when it comes to syntax and thus user-friendly.
  8. Python is still a preferred language when it comes to solving problems related to data science. Whereas Go is more excellent for system programming.
  9. Go is a statically typed language and Python has dynamically typed language. This actually helps to find bugs during compile time. However, which can further decrease serious bugs later in the production.
  10. Python is excellent for basic programming. It becomes difficult if one wants to build complicated systems. Whereas, with Go, the same job can be performed quickly without going into subtleties of programming language.
  11. As compare to Go Python is more concise. Dynamic typing helps but overall, one can also write very compact code with Go

Comparison Table On Go vs Python

Below we have listed some of the points, in a comparison table of Python vs Go

Paradigmconcurrent, functional and Proceduralfunctional, Object-oriented, procedural, imperative, reflective
Memory managementWith Go, you can go dirty with memory managementBut, it gives no memory management
TypedStatically typed language
Dynamically typed language
ConcurrencyIn Go Concurrency is inbuiltNeeds inbuilt concurrency
SyntaxThe syntax is based on the opening and closing bracesSyntax practices indentation to indicate code blocks
Object OrientationMild help for functional concepts and Object Orientation, but is strongly typedFirst-class Object Oriented programming, help for functional concepts
UsageGo is concentrated on being a system language, still, it is eating away python share of web appsPython is more on writing web applications


To this end, Both Python and Go are general-purpose programming languages, which means they can be used in different development areas. Both Go vs Python have their own set of values, depending on the skill and ability of a programmer to know the real-world requirement. Also, both Go and Python are simple and clear when it comes to syntax and decrease the load of the programmer up to a larger extent.

Python programming practically uses across domains like graphics, web development, machine learning, animation. Although, it essentially uses for data science and includes a good number of libraries. There is a range of projects produce in Python. Whereas, when it comes to networking services, Go has become better. It began as a system language but later, it built a reputation when it comes to networking services.

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