Top 5 Free Plagiarism Checkers for Assignment Helpers

Free plagiarism checkers are essential for students and all kinds of writers. You must know that academic plagiarism is intolerable. If a student gets accused of plagiarism, they can face severe consequences. 

From getting negative marks on an assignment to getting expelled from college, countless consequences can ruin a student’s life. This is why experts always recommend using a plagiarism checker so that you can ensure the originality of your assignments.

In the past, plagiarism checking was considered quite impossible for students, as there was no awareness about the plagiarism check technology. The manual comparison technique was ineffective and time-taking. Still, to date, many students avoid using online plagiarism software because they think that they are highly paid.

But in this post, we will solve this problem for you once and for all. In this post, you will find information about the best five plagiarism checkers that can be used for free by any student. So if you want your assignments to check for plagiarism for free, try out these tools.

Five Popular Free Plagiarism Checkers

Here are the top five free plagiarism checkers that can quickly help you find accidental as well as deliberate cases of plagiarism in assignments.

The is by far one of the most popular plagiarism checker websites that you can find on the web today. This plagiarism scanner is best for students and teachers who want their assignments and papers to check plagiarism, before submitting.  This plagiarism tool exists in both free and paid versions. But the free version provides enough resources for checking duplication.

The free version of this online plagiarism checker is elementary to use. It doesn’t matter if you are a new user, as you can easily understand how the tool works. This is only because of the straightforward interface of this tool. It accepts 800 words worth of queries in one go of free version, which is ideal for students to check for plagiarism of their assignments or essays for free.

Once you enter your text in the input box of the tool, it will instantly scan and highlight all kinds of duplications found in it. This plagiarism tool has a vast database spread over ten billion web pages which your content gets compared with. The duplicate text would be highlighted, and you would also get the matched source.

You can trust the results produced by this tool as it uses AI and deep search algorithms.

PlagiarismDetector.Net is another online-based plagiarism scanner that is a popular option in the digital world. This free plagiarism checker is considered best for checking the duplication of assignments, essays, manuscripts, novels, and other work-related literature. If you are a student or a creative writer, you will love this plagiarism detector.

This plagiarism tool is known to be one of the most trusted plagiarism software, and this is because of its accurate results. It can scan up to thousand words in one go, give you detailed results in percentage, and highlight duplicate sentences. 

It doesn’t only help ensure originality in assignments. It helps you check your work for grammatical errors, too, for free.

Duplichecker is also one of the eldest and most authentic plagiarism checking utilities that you can find indexed on the top search results of Google. 

Students of all levels can easily use this plagiarism checker. Duplichecker today exists in both free and paid versions.

As a student, you don’t have to worry about the paid packages as the free ones are best for checking 1000-word assignments and essays for a single plagiarism test. Duplichecker doesn’t only offer you free plagiarism checking, but it also provides you a facility of free grammar checks for your assignments. If you want to make sure your content is original and of good quality, you need to get this tool in your bookmarks.

For simple use and reliable results, Duplichecker is one of the best options.

Plagiarism Checker by SmallSEOTools 

If you are looking for a free and reliable plagiarism checker, you need to try the one offered by This reliable plagiarism tool is specifically designed to cater to the needs of students and bloggers. 

This tool is utilized by people who want to check their submissions and highlight any deliberate and even unintentional duplication traces. 

There is always a chance that your assignments can have accidental plagiarism because thousands of people today are working on the same niche and topics. But with this plagiarism tool, you can easily check for plagiarism either accidental or intentional. 

This plagiarism checker tool also offers you a free grammar checking facility that helps remove all kinds of grammatical issues. 

The word count limit per search is around 1000 words. The plagiarism tool compares your input content with over a billion web pages and finds all kinds of similarities. You can use this plagiarism scanner from its website: or you can also get its plugin!

Plagiarism Checker by SearchEngineReports

The plagiarism checker by is a unique option in its way. On this website, you can find hundreds of free tools and the plagiarism detector is one of the premium ones. This plagiarism tool is considered to be best for first-time users.

People who love basic free tools would get along with this plagiarism scanner. It is best for students who want to check for plagiarism in their work for the first time.

There are no such limitations to using this free plagiarism checker for search queries. It can scan text, document files, and even complete websites for free. You need to put your data in the input box and press the ‘check plagiarism’ button. The tool would take a few seconds to scan your input data, and highlight duplicates found.

End words

These are some top-notch free plagiarism checkers that can help check all kinds of assignments. If you need help in assignment writing, you should certainly use these tools to help you check plagiarism and all kinds of grammatical errors for free. Free plagiarism scanners are considered the best assignment helpers as they can help students ensure originality and quality in their work. Moreover, the use of plagiarism tools shows honest intentions and efforts on the part of the student.