Top 30 Computer Science Internships for High School Students

Computer Science Internships for High School Students

Embarking on a journey into the dynamic world of computer science is an exhilarating step for high school students. Imagine diving into real-world projects, unlocking the secrets of coding, and gaining insights from industry leaders. In this blog, we unveil the gateway to such opportunities—the Top 30 Computer Science Internships for high school students. We’ll navigate through the giants of tech—Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and more—offering you a roadmap to hands-on experience. So, if you’re eager to transform your passion for technology into a tangible career, stay tuned as we unravel the key to your future success!

Computer Science Internships for High School Students

  1. Google Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI): Google’s CSSI program is a fantastic opportunity for high school students to explore computer science and programming through hands-on projects and exposure to industry professionals.
  2. Microsoft High School Internship Program: Microsoft offers high school internships where students can work on real projects, learn from experienced mentors, and gain insights into the tech industry.
  3. Facebook High School Internship: Facebook provides high school students with the chance to intern at one of the world’s leading tech companies, working on innovative projects and expanding their skills.
  4. Apple Summer Internship: Apple’s summer internship program allows high school students to gain experience in various technical roles, contributing to the development of cutting-edge products.
  5. IBM High School Internship: IBM’s internship opportunities offer students exposure to diverse areas of technology, from artificial intelligence to cybersecurity.
  6. NASA High School Internships: For students with a passion for space and technology, NASA provides internship opportunities that allow them to contribute to groundbreaking projects.
  7. Intel High School Internship: Intel’s internships provide students with a chance to work on projects related to hardware and software development, gaining hands-on experience in the tech industry.
  8. Cisco High School Internship Program: Cisco offers internships that focus on networking, cybersecurity, and other areas of computer science, allowing students to explore the world of digital technology.
  9. Twitter High School Internship: Twitter’s internship program provides high school students with the chance to work on projects that impact millions of users, while learning from experienced professionals.
  10. Amazon Future Engineer Internship: Amazon’s internship program offers students the opportunity to work on real-world projects and gain insights into the e-commerce giant’s technology infrastructure.
  11. Adobe High School Internship: Adobe provides internships in areas such as software development, design, and marketing, giving students a taste of the creative and technical sides of the tech industry.
  12. Salesforce High School Internship: Salesforce offers internships that focus on cloud computing, customer relationship management, and other aspects of technology, providing valuable industry exposure.
  13. National Institutes of Health (NIH) High School Internship Program: For students interested in the intersection of computer science and health, the NIH internship program offers opportunities to work on biomedical research projects.
  14. Lockheed Martin High School Internship: Lockheed Martin’s internships in aerospace and defense technology provide students with a chance to contribute to projects with real-world applications.
  15. Oracle High School Internship: Oracle offers internships in software development, database management, and cloud computing, allowing students to gain expertise in diverse areas.
  16. Verizon Innovative Learning Program: The Verizon Innovative Learning Program provides high school students with the opportunity to explore technology through hands-on projects and mentorship.
  17. Uber Engineering High School Internship: Uber’s engineering internship program offers students the chance to work on projects related to ride-sharing technology and logistics.
  18. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Future Talent Program: HPE’s Future Talent Program provides high school students with internship opportunities in areas such as networking, storage, and edge computing.
  19. General Electric (GE) High School Internship: GE offers internships in various technical fields, allowing students to gain experience in industries such as healthcare, aviation, and renewable energy.
  20. Raytheon High School Internship: Raytheon’s internships in defense and cybersecurity provide students with a unique opportunity to contribute to projects that have a global impact.
  21. Electronic Arts (EA) Game Design Internship: For students passionate about gaming and software development, EA’s game design internship allows them to work on projects in the dynamic gaming industry.
  22. Spotify High School Internship: Spotify offers internships in software engineering, data science, and other technical roles, providing students with exposure to the music streaming industry.
  23. Qualcomm High School Internship: Qualcomm’s internship program focuses on mobile technology, semiconductor engineering, and telecommunications, offering students a chance to work on cutting-edge projects.
  24. Boeing High School Internship: Boeing’s internships in aerospace engineering and technology allow students to be part of the innovation driving the aviation industry forward.
  25. Dell Technologies High School Internship: Dell’s internship program covers a range of technical areas, including hardware design, software development, and cybersecurity.
  26. Texas Instruments High School Internship: Texas Instruments provides internships in semiconductor design and manufacturing, giving students insight into the world of electronics and technology.
  27. General Motors (GM) High School Internship: GM’s internships in automotive technology and software development offer students the chance to be part of the evolving landscape of transportation.
  28. VMware High School Internship: VMware’s internship program focuses on virtualization and cloud computing, providing students with hands-on experience in these crucial areas of technology.
  29. NVIDIA High School Internship: NVIDIA’s internships in graphics processing and artificial intelligence allow students to work on projects shaping the future of visual computing.
  30. National Security Agency (NSA) High School Work-Study Program: The NSA’s work-study program provides students with the opportunity to work on projects related to national security and cybersecurity, gaining valuable skills in a critical field.


Embarking on a computer science internship as a high school student can open doors to a world of opportunities. The programs mentioned above not only provide valuable hands-on experience but also offer a glimpse into the diverse and ever-evolving field of technology. Whether you’re interested in software development, aerospace engineering, or cybersecurity, these internships can set you on the path to a rewarding and impactful career in computer science. Take the initiative, apply, and let the journey begin!