Let’s see C sharp vs C++ which one is better to learn

C sharp vs C++

C sharp and C++ both languages are best in their own form of work. These languages are technically related to each other but different in learning or applying. 

Let’s discuss both languages one by one, first, we start with C sharp. C# (sharp) is versatile, easy to learn, and object-oriented language. It was introduced by Microsoft as a Java competitor in 2000 and it is part of ASP.Net. 

C++ is introduced in 1980 by Bjarne Stroustrup as “C with classes”. C++ is also an object-oriented language used for large-scale applications. C++ is the higher version of C. Now in the whole blog, we will discuss which is better c sharp vs c++. For that, we should know why these languages are defined and for which purpose.

What is the working of C++ and why is it defined?

You all are familiar with the language C. Basically C is a much lower level language that forms the basic building blocks of computer instruction. Most of the companies prefer C because it takes less space in memory. The problem arises when the program becomes complex then the developers use higher versions which is C++. It was created by a Danish graduate student named Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979. He wanted to expand the capabilities by creating C++ the higher version of C. C++ is a very powerful language and well known for its speed. 

What is the working of C# (sharp) and why is it defined?

C sharp was developed by Microsoft in 2002 and it is based on ASP.Net. It was designed in competition with JAVA because they don’t want to make a change in JAVA. So, they develop C sharp with some features of C and JAVA. C sharp is a general-purpose programming language that is used on windows. C# (sharp) is a complex language and takes a large amount of time to master.

What are the similarities between c sharp vs c++?

Both the languages C++ and C sharp are object-oriented languages and used to create web and desktop applications. But C++ is a little harder than C sharp. If your application is a simple web or desktop application then developers use C sharp but if you want your application to deal with computer hardware then C++ is more efficient than C sharp. 

Let’s put an eye on some similarities of c sharp vs c++-


  • Both languages have a similar syntax.
  • The Code structure of both languages is the same.
  • The compilation of both languages is similar.
  • They share the same basic syntax i.e C++ uses almost the same operators and keywords of C which are in C++ also.  
  • C++ is only the higher version of C but its basic grammar is the same.
  • The basic memory model of both is very close to the hardware.
  • The same concepts of the stack, heap, file scope, and static variables are present in both languages.

To understand more, let’s elaborate on both languages with examples.

Example of C++ – Program to write “Hello World”.

#include <iostream>

int main()


    std::cout << “Hello World!”;

    return 0;


Output – 

Hello World!

Example of C sharp –

public class Hello


    public static void Main()


        System.Console.WriteLine(“Hello world!”);



Output – 

Hello World!

From the above examples, I think now you understand the syntax of both languages. Previously we have discussed similarities of both the languages and now it’s time to discuss the differences of C sharp vs C++.

Have a look at some differences between C sharp and C++

Similarities of C sharp and C++ are few because some of the syntaxes are similar but the language is different. On that basis, we can decide on which language is better for the learner.  

FunctionC SharpC++
Type of languageIt is a high-level language.It is a low-level platform-neutral programming language. 
CompilationC sharp code converted into intermediate language code after compilation.C++ code converted into machine code directly after compilation.
Object-orientedC sharp is an object-oriented programming language.C++ is not a purely object-oriented programming language.
Level of difficultyC# is quite easy because it has a well-defined hierarchy of classes.C++ has very complex features
Types of ApplicationC# is used to develop mobile, windows, and console applications.C++ is only used for console applications.
PointersIn C# pointers can be used only in unsafe mode.In C++ pointers can be used anywhere in the program.
Multiple inheritancesC sharp does not support multiple inheritance while classes.C++ supports multiple inheritance while classes.
Memory managementIn C sharp memory management runs automatically with the help of a garbage collector. In C++ memory management is performed manually by the programmer. 
Platform dependencyC sharp code only windows specific.C++ code can be run on any platform. It can communicate directly with the hardware where it is needed.
Bound checkingIn C sharp bound checking is done by the compiler. If at the time of compilation there is a mistake then it gives a compilation error.In C++ bound checking is not done by the compiler. If there is a mistake in the code then it gives the wrong result. 
Size of binariesC sharp has lots of libraries that should be included at the time of compilation.C++ is much lighter than C sharp.

 See and observe the difference to understand both languages. You can say C sharp is far better than C++ for learning. For beginners C sharp is the better path for programming and being a developer can easily grow towards doing masters. 

For Web development, which one is better?

It’s a big task to select a language (c sharp vs c++) for web development. We will help you out by finding which one is better. If we talk about the speed of applications then developers give priority to C++. On the other side, we have C sharp which is good in Windows software and web development. C sharp is used more instead of C++ in web development. It is used to create web applications in ASP.NET and point to note that the code which is created in C sharp can’t work without converting it to HTML by using the .NET framework. 

Performance (c sharp vs c++) – Which one is faster?

When we talk about the performance (speed) of the applications, we undergo some factors like – 

  • How is code written?
  • Which framework is used?

Performance means which compile faster into the machine code i.e understandable to the system. Firstly we talk about C++, which is a native language that compiles directly into machine code which is understood by the system. On the other hand, C sharp does not compile directly into machine code. Firstly it must compile into MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language) before the JIT (Just in Time) compiler generates machine code. It’s a long process for compiling the code into machine code. So, this is the reason C++ is much faster than C sharp.

Gaming (c sharp vs c++) – which one is used for development?

Games are the demand of almost every age group. Nowadays, It’s an important source of entertainment. For the making of games applications, which one is better? Both languages are used in the video games industry whether it is C++ or C sharp. Generally speaking, when we consider hardware performance then C++ is used for optimization. We use C sharp only when the framework is .NET. So, most of the gaming industry prefer C++ for video games applications and the question arises why? Because it allows memory management which makes C++ work on a large scale through C sharp can’t do so on a big scale. 


Finally, we want to say that both languages have different qualities and frameworks. So, you have to decide in which language you move forward according to your interests and job. In any case, if the comparison is there in between c sharp vs c++ then you must consider some key points like – 

  • If you can spend your quality of time in learning and doing masters then you can prefer C++. It is a powerful language that helps to create applications and video games.
  • If you want an easy-going programming language then you can consider C sharp. It is also one of the most popular languages.
  • If you have learned C sharp then you must learn C++ for a better job profile and make yourself more creative.

Now it’s high time to learn a programming language whether it is C sharp or C++. Both have their own quality.


Which is better for learning (c sharp vs c++)

As we read in this blog, C sharp is easy in learning for beginners but if you add on C++ in your learning then it is a plus point in your career.

According to the speed, which one is better (c sharp vs c++)?

As we have studied in the above blog, C++ is far better than C sharp when we talk about the speed of the applications.

 C++ or C sharp, which is good for video games?

Video games are the most important part of entertainment and C++ is much better than C sharp as we studied in this blog.