Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas

Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas

Artificial intelligence is a key technology in the digital age. Most companies nowadays use artificial intelligence to accomplish day-to-day and long-term goals in a much better way. 

Artificial Intelligence is a way of making computers, computer control robots, and software think intelligently in a similar manner to intelligent humans think. 

AI is accomplished by standing by how humans think and how humans learn and work and decide how to solve problems.

Most top companies use AI techniques in their projects, apps, etc. For example, the iPhone employs AI in apps such as Siri. Google also employs AI techniques in Android phones, with Google Assistance serving as an example.

Now you can understand that AI is a very important technique. In today’s world, everyone wants to do their work quickly, fast, and accurately. This needs to generate high demand for AI in the market. So as a result, there are plenty of jobs available in the AI field.

 If you want to know about “Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas.”  then you have chosen a very good platform. We will talk about this in brief. 

Let’s start with some basic understanding about Artificial Intelligence first.

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What is Artificial intelligence?

“Artificial intelligence” combines two words: artificial and intelligence. Artificial means made by any human, and intelligence means the power of thinking. 

Artificial intelligence is a technique that assists in developing new machines that can make self-decisions based on their reasoning abilities without the intervention of humans. 

On the other hand, artificiality defines as “man-made,” and intelligence defines as “thinking power.” So Ai means “a man-made thinking power.” 

It is a branch of computer science that allows us to create intelligent machines that can behave, think, and make decisions like humans. 

It is “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs.”

With the help of AI, we can create software and devices that can help solve real-world problems very easily and accurately, such as health, marketing, and traffic issues, to name a few examples. 

Now we will discuss “Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas.” without delay.

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30+  Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas

Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas for beginners

Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas

1. Recognition of Handwritten Digits

Digits written by humans vary in curves and sizes as they are hand-drawn, and everyone’s writing is different. It is a great way to start artificial intelligence by building a handwritten digit recognition system that can identify the digits drawn by humans.

2. Lane Line Detection 

The Lane line detection technique is used in many self-driving autonomous vehicles and line-following robots. To find the lanes, we can utilize computer vision techniques like color thresholding.

3. Spoiler Blocker Extension

When a good movie or show comes along, people always spoil the fun of others by spoiling it. We can create a browser extension that will block out all the mentions of your favorite show you don’t want to get spoiled by. If you want, you can replace the mentions with cute pictures of cats, dogs, and others.

4. SPAM Classifier

We receive several email notifications daily, most of which are spam. Build a tool that can classify the emails as spam or not spam based on the content of the email alone.

5. Optimal Path

Finding the best route from one location to another is one of AI’s most difficult tasks. The idea behind the project is to find the optimal path for a vehicle to travel so that cost and time can be minimized. This is a business issue that requires resolution. 

Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas for Intermediate


1. Artificial Intelligence in Pneumonia Detection

Doctors use chest X-rays to detect pneumonia, and we can build an artificial intelligence system capable of identifying the infection in patients’ X-ray images. For this purpose, we will use convolutional neural networks to build the AI system.

2. A Game of Chess

The game of chess is very popular, and for a better experience, we must implement a good artificial intelligence system that can give humans competition and make the game of chess a challenging task.

3. Fire Detection and Localization Using Surveillance Cameras

CNN has become state-of-the-art in image classification and computer vision-related tasks. We can improve the fire detection system through surveillance cameras by building a model that can detect not only the fire but also the location of the fire to provide an effective detection and reporting system for the safety of people.

4. Website Evaluation Using Opinion Mining

A website evaluation system where users can comment on a particular website about the genuineness, time is taken to deliver products, etc. To analyze the website on these criteria, it will examine the comments.

5. T-REX Dino Bot

The Dino is a famous Google Chrome game we can play when the internet is off. Playing this game will help you use reinforcement learning and understand its principles. We can build an algorithm for the bot that will learn by making mistakes.

6. Predicting the Next Word

Your phone can automatically predict the next word you want to enter as you type a message. The following word most likely to be said can be predicted using artificial intelligence. To implement this, you need knowledge about natural language processing and deep learning.

7. Using AIML to Create a Chatbot

Chatbots are widely used at the industry level, where every company requires a chatbot to automate some of the customer interaction processes. Chatbots are created using the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML).

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas

1. Fake Product Review Monitoring System

A big problem on the internet is that companies post fake reviews to sell their products or distribute their competitors. A user needs to learn if a product review is fake or genuine. To solve this problem, we can build a system that can track IP addresses and use opinion mining to find fake reviews.

2. Automatic Attendance System

In school and college, a lot of time could be better spent taking students’ attendance. The idea of the project is to automate the attendance system by using a camera that automatically recognizes the face and marks the attendance of people.

3. Price Negotiator Ecommerce Chatbot System

A chatbot with the capability to negotiate product prices. Many eCommerce companies are researching this project as it has a lot of scope in business. The chatbot should be able to communicate with users and handle the customers’ bargaining just like in the real world.

4. AI Bot to Play Snake Games

There is a need for artificial bots that can compete with players in many video games. In this project, you can build a bot to learn to play the snake game. This project is great for diving into genetic algorithms and understanding how a machine can evolve understanding with generations.

5. Self Driving Car

A self-driving car is a huge project that involves a lot of sensors and cameras to obtain information about the surroundings. During the processing of information, wise decisions must be made.

6. Music Recommendation App 

The Spotify app is a fantastic music streaming platform that knows about its users’ music tastes. You can learn to build a model that will analyze the user’s music tastes and recommend new music based on their interests.

7. Predicting the User’s Next Location 

Predicting the user’s most probable next location ( next summer vacation, holidays, etc.) becomes an important requirement for decisions for future services. These services include healthcare applications, network management, travel management, etc.

You will improve your knowledge of the LempelZiv (LZ) algorithm, Markov Model (MM), Neural Networks (NNs), Bayesian Networks, and Association rules by working on this AI project model.

8. Detecting YouTube Comment Spam

The popularity of youtube attracted not only genuine viewers but spammers as well. Unwanted spam movies and comments are also becoming more common. Here comes the importance of an AI-based Youtube spam comment detection model.

In this AI project, you will focus on text and words and classify internet comments as spam or not spam, THe spam detection model can be accomplished by using bag-of-words and random forest techniques. 

In addition to spam identification, the Word2Vec method and the K-nearest neighbor classifier can also predict favorable and unfavorable reviews.

Some more “Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas.”  which help to do your projects

  1. AI-based Apps for Healthcare Tools & Equipment.
  2. AI-based E-commerce Apps for Selling Products.
  3. AI-based IT Services Apps.
  4. AI-based Cybersecurity Apps.
  5. AI Enabled Power, Energy & Cost Saving Apps.
  6. AI-Enabled Storytelling Apps.
  7. AI-Enabled Online Recruiting Automation Apps.
  8. AI-Enabled Fast Learning Apps.
  9. AI-Enabled Smart Conversational Interfaces.
  10. AI-Enabled Market Prediction Apps.
  11. AI-Based Prediction for Vulnerability Exploitation.
  12. AI-Enabled Finance & Accounting Apps.


In this blog article, you learned about Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas.” So now you have many interesting Artificial  Intelligence Project Ideas to try your hands on. These projects Will not only ensure that you are on the path to becoming an expert in AI but will also make you industry-ready. You can achieve a good job with good salaries in the industry based on your project and experience.