What Programming Language Does Unreal Engine Use?

What Programming Language does Unreal Engine Use

Unreal Engine is a popular game development platform known for its powerful features and flexibility. Developed by Epic Games, it has been widely used in the creation of some of the most successful and visually stunning video games.  If you’re interested in game development or simply curious about the inner workings of this popular engine, you may be wondering: What programming language does Unreal Engine use? In this article, we’ll explore the primary programming language used in Unreal Engine.

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About Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is a suite of development tools used to create interactive experiences, including video games, architectural visualizations, and simulations. It is a powerful tool that can be used to create high-quality, visually stunning content.

Unreal Engine is developed by Epic Games, and it is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is a free-to-use engine for personal projects, but there is a royalty fee for commercial use. Additionally, it offers a wide range of features, including a powerful rendering engine, physics simulation, audio tools, and a robust editor that allows developers to design and build their games efficiently.

Types Of Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is the most powerful and popular game development engine developed by Epic Games. It offers various versions and editions, each tailored to different needs and platforms. Here are the types of Unreal Engine and the programming languages used in each:

1. Unreal Engine 1 (UE1)

Unreal Engine 1 was the initial release of the Unreal Engine series and introduced many groundbreaking features. Today’s standards must update, and their usage is limited to legacy projects. UE1 primarily used UnrealScript for scripting and programming.

2. Unreal Engine 2 (UE2)

Unreal Engine 2 was an earlier version of the engine and powered several popular games. It is considered outdated by today’s standards, and most modern projects have transitioned to newer versions. UE2 primarily used a scripting language called UnrealScript, which was derived from the Java programming language.

3. Unreal Engine 3 (UE3)

Unreal Engine 3 was the predecessor to UE4 and served as a significant milestone in the evolution of the engine. Although it is less actively used than UE4 nowadays, some older games and projects still rely on UE3. The primary programming language used in UE3 is also C++.

Is Unreal Engine Good for Programmers?

Unreal Engine is indeed a great platform for programmers. It offers a powerful and flexible environment for game development, providing a wide range of tools and features that programmers can utilize to bring their ideas to life.

One of the main reasons Unreal Engine is favored by programmers is its support for the C++ programming language. C++ is a widely used language in the game development industry and offers low-level control, high performance, and the ability to create complex systems. Unreal Engine’s extensive support for C++ allows programmers to unleash their creativity and implement advanced features, custom game mechanics, and optimized performance.

Moreover, Unreal Engine provides a robust editor and a wealth of documentation and resources specifically designed to assist programmers. This makes the learning process smoother and helps programmers familiarize themselves with the engine’s APIs and capabilities.

Unreal Engine also offers a visual scripting system called Blueprint. While Blueprint is primarily targeted towards non-programmers, it can still be beneficial for programmers. It allows them to rapidly prototype ideas, test gameplay mechanics, and collaborate with artists and designers more efficiently.

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Role of Programming Language in Unreal Engine

Before knowing what programming language does Unreal Engine use, you must know the role of programming language in unreal engine. 

Programming languages serve as the foundation for any software development project, and Unreal Engine is no exception. The programming language used in Unreal Engine determines how developers interact with the engine, implement functionality, and create game logic. The choice of programming language directly impacts the performance, flexibility, and extensibility of the game or application being developed.

However, the programming language plays a vital role in Unreal Engine. It is used to create the core of the engine, as well as the gameplay elements and user interfaces.

The two programming languages that are supported by Unreal Engine are C++ and Blueprints.

C++ is a powerful, low-level language that is used to create the core of the engine and the most complex game logic. It is also the language that is used to create custom plugins and extensions for the engine.

Blueprints is a visual scripting language that is used to create gameplay elements and user interfaces. It is a much easier language to learn than C++, and it can be used to create complex systems without having to write any code.

Programming LanguageRole
C++Used to create the core of the engine, as well as the most complex game logic.
BlueprintsUsed to create gameplay elements and user interfaces.

What Programming Language Does Unreal Engine Use?

Unreal Engine is one of the most powerful and widely used game development engines in the industry. It has been responsible for creating some of the most visually stunning and immersive gaming experiences. Aspiring game developers often wonder about what programming language does unreal engine use?

The primary programming language used in Unreal Engine is C++. C++ is a powerful and widely adopted programming language known for its performance, flexibility, and ability to directly interact with hardware. Unreal Engine leverages the robustness of C++ to provide developers with low-level access to the engine’s internals, enabling them to optimize performance, implement complex algorithms, and create custom game systems.

C++ plays a crucial role in the architecture of Unreal Engine. Developers can extend and customize the engine’s functionality by writing C++ code that integrates with Unreal Engine’s APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). This allows for the creation of unique game mechanics, AI behaviors, rendering effects, and more.

In addition to C++, Unreal Engine provides a visual scripting system called Blueprints. This system allows designers and artists, who may not have extensive programming knowledge, to contribute to the development process. Blueprints offer a node-based interface that visually represents code logic, making it easier to understand and modify game behavior without the need for direct coding.

Unreal Engine also supports other programming languages, such as Python and C#. Python is often used for scripting and automation tasks, allowing developers to automate repetitive processes and enhance their workflow. C#, on the other hand, offers a modern and versatile programming language for creating custom game logic and extending the engine’s capabilities.

Advantages of Using C++ in Unreal Engine

While Blueprints provide a user-friendly approach to game development, C++ remains a crucial component of Unreal Engine programming. Here are some advantages of using C++ in Unreal Engine:


C++ offers direct access to hardware resources and allows for efficient memory management, resulting in high-performance games and applications.


C++ provides extensive control over game systems and allows for customizations, optimizations, and integration of third-party libraries.


C++ offers advanced debugging tools, making it easier to identify and fix issues during development.

Code Reusability

C++ code can be reused across different projects, saving development time and effort.

Why Coders Use Only C++ Programming Language As A Unreal Engine?

Coders mostly choose to use the C++ programming language when working with the Unreal Engine for some very good reasons. First reason for choosing C++ by coders is that it gives them a powerful tool to create complex and detailed games. With its flexibility, coders can design intricate game mechanics and graphics that make the gaming experience truly amazing. Moreover, C++ is like a universal language for game development, making it easier for coders to collaborate and share their work with others.

Another big reason coders stick to C++ for Unreal Engine is because of its performance. C++ allows them to create games that run smoothly and without lag, even with all the fancy graphics and interactions happening in the game. This is crucial for creating games that players will enjoy without frustrating slowdowns. Additionally, C++ helps coders optimize their games, making them run efficiently on various devices. In a nutshell, C++ is like a magic wand that lets coders weave together fantastic, high-performance games in the Unreal Engine world.

Other Supported Languages in Unreal Engine

After knowing what programming language does Unreal Engine use, you also need to know other programming languages used in unreal engine.

In addition to C++, Unreal Engine also supports other programming languages. These include:

Blueprint Visual Scripting: As mentioned earlier, Blueprint offers a visual scripting language that allows developers to create gameplay mechanics and systems without writing code.

Python: Unreal Engine provides support for Python scripting, which can be used to automate tasks, create tools, and extend the editor’s functionality.

C#: Unreal Engine supports C# scripting through the use of third-party plugins, enabling developers familiar with C# to write game logic using this language.

While these languages provide alternative options for developing games in Unreal Engine, C++ remains the primary language for maximum control and performance.

Learning Resources for Unreal Engine Programming

For those interested in learning Unreal Engine programming, there are numerous resources available:

Official Documentation: Unreal Engine provides comprehensive documentation covering various aspects of game development, including programming with C++ and Blueprint scripting.

Tutorials and Online Courses: Several online platforms offer tutorials and courses specifically designed to teach Unreal Engine programming. These resources provide step-by-step guidance and hands-on projects to help developers get started.

Community Forums and Discussions: Engaging with the Unreal Engine community through forums and discussions can provide valuable insights, tips, and guidance from experienced developers.

By utilizing these resources, aspiring game developers can acquire the necessary skills to utilize Unreal Engine to its fullest potential.


In this blog, we have discussed what programming language does unreal engine use. Unreal Engine primarily uses C++ as its programming language, providing developers with a powerful and flexible toolset. C++ enables high-performance game development, direct access to engine systems, and extensive code control. Combined with Blueprints, Unreal Engine offers a versatile environment that caters to both programmers and non-programmers, fostering collaboration and creativity.

Unreal Engine’s commitment to evolving its programming language has resulted in a robust development ecosystem. Developers can leverage the strengths of other programming languages, such as Python, to enhance their projects and streamline their workflows. With Unreal Engine’s powerful programming capabilities, the possibilities for creating immersive and engaging experiences are virtually limitless.I hope you like this blog post about what programming language does unreal engine use.