Top 10 true Work From Home Jobs 2020 with best Platforms

Top 10 true work from home jobs 2020

Getting a job no longer means going through the 9-to-5 fix schedule, as more people (and businesses) are turning slowly towards home-job to earn money online.

Indeed, a report by FlexJobs and Global Workforce Analytics shows that, since 2005, true work from home jobs has seen a rise of 115 percent.  For example, most white-collar jobs in the US and other countries today need Internet access only. When you can email, chat, and enter video-conferencing anywhere in the world, being in the office is not as important. For high-speed internet and a video call–you don’t need to be there in person for several jobs. Full-time and part-time jobs that require you to physically be in an office are phasing out and becoming less important.

Second, we are living in a world of comfort, and these days there are more people staying home. You can order food, watch Netflix, order items with two-hour Amazon delivery, and enjoy modern conveniences with the help of an internet connection that most couldn’t dream of some decades ago.  So, true work from home jobs become extremely popular nowadays.

Top 10 true work from home jobs 2020:

The work from home jobs means employees are allowed to do their work from home. It has flexible working hours to do the job. And the workers can finish their job quickly.

Here are the top 10 true work from home jobs that are quite popular in 2020:

1 Virtual Assistant Jobs:

Virtual assistants (VAs) are available in all shapes and sizes, usually referred to as VA. Most companies can recruit VAs if they are searching for help with online administrative tasks (email, schedule management, data analysis, technical support, etc.), but also don’t want to recruit a full-time employee. VA jobs are the ideal job from home for busy people who may need to do work at a moment’s notice (or have very irregular availability).

Work of virtual assistant:

Virtual assistants are most usually people who perform short tasks on websites such as MTurk or UpWork, where users receive small amounts of money to perform specific tasks online. That kind of digital work is close to micro-employment and freelance ventures. Most virtual assistants can be classified into a wider category of people working online.

 Some roles that you can find online advertised as virtual assistant jobs may include: 

  • Data entry roles 
  • Call center work 
  • Marketing
  • Bookkeepers
  • Translation jobs

 2 Freelance content writing job:

Content writing today is one of the rising digital marketing fields. The writing of content covers various forms of writing. Freelance writing of content is one form of content writing that allows you to work from home. So, we can say that writing freelance content is one of the best true work from home jobs. A freelance writer should be 24* 7 hours creative. To start a new job from home as a freelance writer, you only need to writing skills, a computer program, and an internet connection to start writing content freelancing. If you work as a freelance content writer, you can able to write for a company, newspaper, and site from home and earn money.

3 Online survey jobs:

Many businesses want to know about what type of goods and services people want with the help of online media. It is the best place for individuals to do such product and service surveys online. From which you can share people’s views on products and then send these online surveys to the company, which will help them improve the quality of their goods. 

Online survey jobs are perfect for elderly citizens, homemakers, college students who choose to work part-time and earn money to support their families.

4 Data entry job: 

Many companies require employees to enter various data into their systems, whether that data is used for shipments or inventory monitoring, business plans development or performance assessment. Computing and typing skills are the top requirements for this job; many employees work from home. We can say that it is also one of the best true work from home jobs.

5 Online academic writing job:

Academic writing jobs are one of the most challenging and most influential work from home according to the 2020 study. Too many students are having a hard time completing their assignments; that’s why they get support from the writers of academics. These Professional authors use their years of experience to write your work.

When one wants to become an academic writer, then he/she does not need a degree to begin as an Academic writer. Yet you should have a strong command over the particular subject’s language and expertise so that you can write assignments and earn money.

6 Referral Marketing:

The word of mouth marketing is also known as referral marketing. It is a strong conversion and selling technique, and one of the best marketing campaigns. As the names indicate here, a person refers to a product, and the referee purchases the product because of a recommendation from that specific person. We could also say this is a type of word-of-mouth marketing with more opportunities to go digital and reach out to wider audiences.

Referral marketing works because customers have faith in terms of traditional advertising. Individuals are more likely to buy certain goods and services when their friend refers to them. You will join in and earn more at other referral marketing pages.

7 Online tutoring jobs:

High-speed internet and digital technologies have opened up so many opportunities for students and teachers to work together from an online mode. If you have at least a bachelor’s degree and teaching experience, then the students who want to study with online tools will choose it. Your salary will depend on the type of subjects you will be teaching, and how much time and energy you will be given in the teaching.

8 Freelance computer science jobs:

First of all, to be freelance in computer science, you should be good at different languages so that you can do true work from home jobs such as the creation of android devices, web design, content writing, etc. Otherwise, nobody would like to recruit you. Don’t worry if in any of the computer programming languages you’re not perfect, then start working on the domain that’s important to you. If you think you are good at language coding then:

  • Follow the guidelines and establish an outstanding profile of each platform.
  • Start logging into websites such as Freelancer, Guru, Upwork, etc.
  •  When you’re good at programming, you’ll need to have the working demo you can give to your clients so they will believe you to delegate the job to you.
  • Start applying for ventures.

9 Freelance proofreading job:

It can be another choice of true work from home jobs; a person can work from home and editing content. If you have skills such as finding mistakes and correcting misspelling, then proofreading will be the best choice for you. The best way to become a proofreader is to begin by signing up for a free workshop that will instruct you on how to become a proofreader. A proofreader’s pay depends on the time they use in their job, and on their attempts to handle it.

10  Freelance Web developer:

A web developer develops and designs websites for their use and their clients. They are also responsible for the look and operation of those pages. A web developer may work from homes, such as writing, management, and advertisement job. It is also one of the best home-employed jobs through it; a web developer can earn money.


Computer science homework help expert’s blog lets you get the details of true work from home jobs. Since this has 10 job choices, you can pick each of them according to your preference so you can work efficiently and use your skills at a suitable location. Such top 10 options will be of interest to you because they are one of the highest income choices. Choose one or more of them and earn money through working from home.