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Best Notable Difference Between Statistics vs Machine Learning

In this blog, Codevail experts will explain to you about Statistics vs Machine learning in detail.

Statistics vs Machine Learning

So many people have confusion regarding, what is the difference between machine learning and statistics. The purpose of machine learning and statistics is almost the same.

But the notable difference between both is the volume of data and involvement of humans for making a model. The universal use of statistics and machine learning is to estimate a specific population area.

Machine learning is all about supervised learning,  predictions, etc. Statistics is described as the knowledge of selection, study, analysis, performance, and design of data. 

In this article, we have given in-depth information on the difference between statistics vs machine learning

statistics vs machine learning
statistics vs machine learning

What is Statistics?

A statistic is identified as a numerical value, which is received from a sample of data. A sample represents the part of the population, which illustrates the whole community in all its characteristics.

Statistics play an important role in almost every genre of human activity. From helping the capita income of a nation to the country rate to the number of medical/schooling facilities required in a region. Statistics and machine learning have a critical role in the maintenance of human society. 

Nowadays, statistics hold a very prominent and critical level in the number of fields involving commerce, trade, chemistry, astronomy, and many others.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is one of the crucial fields of computer science in which many statistical methods used to let the computer instantly learn. ML is an application that is used in Artificial intelligence.

The primary objective of ML is to produce computer applications so that they can easily obtain data and them to learn without any human support.

The method started here from the set of data and research of data in such a way that it strongly achieves your purpose of ML, that is, to let the computer automatically start learning without the help of humans.  

Two fundamental things in ML are algorithms and statistical methods. Both are playing a pivotal role in ML. 

The algorithms are playing a primary role in ML as these are used for collecting the data as an input. Whereas the statistical methods are the second major thing because it was playing a secondary role in ML. 

Some of the widely publicized examples of machine learning applications that today extremely renowned in the world include the following:

  • The online proposal offers that are customized for stages like Amazon and Netflix are an aftereffect of Machine learning applications that are currently fit to understanding the ordinary human conduct 
  • Understanding client conduct on Twitter for brands and now AI with standard phonetic creation is helping brands comprehend and engage their clients in the open area. 
  • Extortion location is a significant field where AI is helping brands to protect and powerful over all stages.

Machine Learning vs statistics

Machine learningStatistics 
Definition Machine learning provides the computer with the capacity to understand with being programmed explicitly.Statistics is described as the study of selection, study, discussion, performance and design of data.
RoleMachine learning examines the construction and study of algorithms that can help individuals to understand and make predictions on data.

Statistics when utilized to a query, then the method usually starts with choosing a statistical model process or a statistical population.
BenefitMachine learning helps us to instantly give models that can explain data that are more significant and give a faster definition.Statistics has extensive applications in nearly all kinds of area 

Major areas where Statistics knowledge can be implemented


Statistics has a significant and essential task to carry out in the field of marketing. This is the foundation that brands and organizations are amazingly severe, making it hard for brands to remain in front of their client’s desires and choices.

  • It is in this manner significant that brands make quick decisions so they can settle on better choices.
  • Insights can assist brands with understanding the desires for the client and along these lines balance their interest and supply in a sturdy design.
  • This means that a lot of the decisions of the brand are dependent on the right statistical choices and insights. 

Management of state:

Statistics is another field that is necessary for any country’s development and growth. This is because statistics are the base on which systems are planned in the country. Also, that is why data of statistics extensively utilize for making decisions of the administration.

For example

  • If the government wants to increase the employee’s pay scales to help them to improve their living types, it is because of statistics that the government can get a lift in the living cost.
  • The preparation of provincial and federal government estimates is also dependent upon statistics.
  • Because it supports the administrators to determine the expected expenses and resources from various causes.
  • So statistics are very necessary to help governments easily perform their duties.

Financial matters:

  • Another significant zone where insights assume a substantial job on economic issues. This is because ideas generally rely on measurements.
  • This is because national salary accounts are vital pointers for financial experts and managers. Factual strategies utilize for the readiness of these records and in any event, for gathering and investigation of information.
  • The connection between supply and requests concentrate through factual research. And almost every part of financial aspects requires an incredible and unpredictable comprehension of measurements.


  • Statistics is an integral part of the all-natural and social sciences.
  • The techniques for natural sciences are reliable, yet their decisions are some of the time.
  • Not all that likely because they depend on deficient proof—factual assistance in precisely depicting these estimations.
  • A lot of statistical strategies like likelihood midpoints, scatterings, estimation are a fundamental piece of arithmetic and are often utilizes right now. 


  • Another area where statistics plays a vital role in banking. Banks need statistics for some factors and purposes.
  • Almost all banks work on the principle that when one of their customers invests some money in their bank. They will keep it in their bank for some time.
  • By earning profits from these deposits, the bank makes profits. And this is the primary source of their revenue. 

Scope of machine learning and Statistics

Statistics: In this modern era, statistics is almost indispensable in terms of planning”. The authorities of many nations around the world are strictly researching to fetch the economic crisis and problems. Statistical techniques measured by statistical analysis are extremely helpful in solving statistics issues.

The basic terms of mathematical formation incorporate with an immense variety of disciplines. Here are a few examples of using statistical information, i.e., business, industry, computer science, government, health science, and other terms of regulations.

The same skill candidates can also apply for Indian analytical services and economics services exams.

Machine learning: Machine learning is an invention that helps to improve the services provides by the system, web, and smartphones. The term machine learning interconnects with artificial intelligence. They are quite distinct in the area of computing.

  • Machine learning is the department of education that applies the principles of computer science and statistics to create statistical analysis and models and comparing patterns in data.
  • Its a sort of artificial intelligence that ensures software application to become more right in predicting results without the accurate program.
  • While data mining discovered previously unknown patterns and knowledge. Machine learning uses to reproduce known patterns and experiences.

Scope of machine learning in the banking and financial department?

AI innovation in most banking and financial industries because the best possible ramifications of change can give an exceptional outcome. And vast improvement can be found regarding supplanting heritage framework and created ventures.

The AI innovation helped the banking and Finance part in taking the organization’s dynamic, improving client experience, expanding the backhand, and front hand staff effectiveness. If machine learning is attentive to predict the future. Then artificial intelligence hardly focuses on programming computers to generate decisions.

Through some factors, one can judge the difference between both terms “statistics vs machine learning.”


In this blog, we have discussed major differences in both machine learning and statistics and where these two can be implemented. Both machine learning and statistics do contribute to Data Science but they have distinct purposes and make several contributions.

Statistics vs Machine learning knowledge requires knowing and explaining in a better way. Though the techniques and argumentation may overlap, the objectives rarely do.

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