Sorting Algorithms: Check Top 6 Types Of Sorting Algorithms

sorting algorithms

Who does not like to get the sorted data? Everyone wants to, right???? Sorting data helps in sorting the large or massive data into the sorted manner. It is either in ascending or descending order. Let’s take an example of it. Suppose you have a large company and you want to sort out the employees’ names as per their salary. To do this, you can apply the sorting algorithms. 

We have also noticed that the telephone directories and dictionaries have the name as per alphabetical order. But here, you must understand that sorting the large data can be hectic for you. But if you use sorting algorithms, it will become quite easier for you. That is why sorting algorithms consider as useful algorithms that can even make your work easier. 

Today, I am going to explain the details about sorting algorithms and their types. Check them one by one. But before that, let’s check what sorting algorithm is.

What is a sorting algorithm?

As I have already mentioned, sorting the large list of data is always a frustrating as well as time-consuming task, that is why there is a computer program that is developed to make this work easier. This computer program is known as sorting algorithms. 

The sorting algorithm is useful for rearranging the given list or array elements as per the comparison operators. These operators are applied to the given elements and used to decide the new element order with respect to the data structure. 

For instance, below, I have mentioned a character list in increasing order (as per ASCII values). During the sorting process, each character will be compared. And the lesser ASCII value character will place at the first, and further, the higher ASCII value character will place and so on.

sorting algorithms

Are there any types of sorting algorithms?

Yes, there is! Sorting algorithms are of various types. But today, I am going to list out the top 6 types of sorting algorithms. And these are as follows:

Bubble Sort
It is one of the simplest sort methods. This sorting algorithm performs the sorting process by constantly moving the higher elements to the array’s highest index. It basically compares the comparable elements to the adjacent element and keeps them replaced as per the need.

Selection Sort
In this algorithm, the smallest element gets found out and then placed at the initial place. And then the 2nd smallest element will be found out and placed at the 2nd place. This process will continue until the elements of the array move to the desired place.  

Quick Sort
It considers being the most optimised sort algorithm. Just like the Merge sort, this sorting algorithm also works using the divide and conquer method. And this algorithm can perform sorting within the O(n log n) comparisons.

Heap Sort
In this method, the max heap and min heap will maintain from the array elements. And it depends on the choice and the array or list element that can sort by deleting the heap’s root elements.

Insertion Sort
It uses for inserting the array elements at the desired place. Insertion sort considers a simple sorting method that is used for arranging the cards’ deck during the playing of the bridge.

Merge Sort
It follows the divide and conquer method, where the array or list element first divides into the equal elements’ sets. Then the half list gets sorted using the merge sort. Finally, the list will combine again for making the elementary sorted array. 

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If you sort the elements and sorting algorithms do not change the same elements’ order, it is considered stable sorting.
sorting algorithms

But, if the sequence of elements in the sorted list or array changes the sequence, it is considered unstable sorting.

sorting algorithms

Do all types of sorting algorithms offer stability?

Here is the table that shows all types of sorting algorithms’ stability:

Sorting AlgorithmStability
Bubble Sort
Selection Sort
Quick Sort
Heap Sort
Insertion Sort
Merge Sort

Is it possible to check the efficiency of the sorting algorithms?

Yes, it is possible. How?

Each sorting algorithm’s efficiency can easily determine by the space complexity and time complexity of the types of sorting algorithms.

  • Space Complexity

It refers to the total memory used for the complete execution by the algorithms. This consists of both the input and the auxiliary memory.

The auxiliary memory is nothing but the additional space taken by the algorithm besides the input data. Apart from this, auxiliary memory considers calculating the algorithms’ space complexity.

  • Time complexity 

It defines the time the particular algorithm takes to complete the overall execution w.r.t. the input size. It can easily represent in three forms:

  • Omega notation (Ω)
  • Big-O notation (O)
  • Theta notation (Θ)

Check the below table to get the details about the complexity analysis of all types of sorting algorithms.

Sorting AlgorithmTime Complexity – WorstTime Complexity – AverageTime Complexity – BestSpace Complexity
Bubble Sortn^2n^2n1
Selection Sortn^2n^2n^21
Quick Sortn^2nlog nnlog nlog n
Heap Sortnlog nnlog nnlog n1
Insertion Sortn^2n^2n1
Merge Sortnlog nnlog nnlog nn


Each sorting algorithm has its own time complexity and space complexity. You can use any of the types of sorting algorithms as per your need. But if I need to suggest the best algorithm for sorting the data, then I will go with Quick sort. It can choose a pivot number over the left of the given number. And it would be smaller than the select pivot number but greater than the right side number.

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