Ruby On Rails Vs Python – Which Is Valuable To Learn

Ruby On Rails Vs Python-Which Is Valuable To Learn

Are you thinking about your next development project and looking for a framework that can provide you any access you require?ORYou want to learn a programming language and confused between Ruby on rails vs Python?

We will give you the answer to all your questions with a full description so that you can decide where you have to go.

Let’s begin with the overview of Ruby on rails vs Python


Both frameworks have their unique features and importance. The target of both ruby on rails and Python are the same, but their methods and approach to handling the task are different from each other. Both languages are object-oriented and provide controllers, views, and models to boost your web applications.

What is Ruby?

It is a highly preferred, common, and high-level programming language that is used in the creation of web applications with the help of its framework, “Ruby on rails”.

This framework is built on the MVC (Model-view-controller) architecture and is a very attractive framework. It offers many inbuilt and library features to the user so that they can focus on the particular business requirements instead of developing everything from scratch. 

It is a completely object-oriented language without any other primitives. It is very easy and fun to use this language in projects, and it works quickly. It focuses on the human factor.

What is Python?

Like Ruby, Python is also a popular, general-purpose, high-level, object-oriented language. Data scientists use this language as it provides a massive set of statistical libraries for the purpose of data science. Syntax of Python is easy to learn, and this is focused on the readability of the user. 

In addition, students prefer to learn this language to learn statistics and data modeling. When you write a program in Python it seems like you are writing a simple english text.

Django and Flask are mostly used frameworks among many frameworks that support Python. All requirement of data science can be accessed from its libraries like-

Panda– helps in data preparation and munging.

Math and Statistical libraries– helps in data interpretation

TensorFlow– helps in machine learning tasks

Matplotlib– helps in data visualization

Unlike Ruby it focuses on the readability factor.

Similarities of Ruby on rails vs Python

Ruby and Python share many common features; list a few-

  1. Their programs do not require to be compiled as these are high-level scripting languages.
  1. In both languages, you do not need to declare variables because both are dynamically typed.
  1. It does not cost any license fees to use them because they come under open-source licenses, like Ruby is available under OSI(Open System Interconnection) license and Python is under FSF(Free software Foundation).
  1. Both are general-purpose, cross-platform, server-side, and scripting languages.
  1. Both languages are accessible through Lambda functions at AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  1. Both accept object-oriented programming.

Ruby on rails vs Python- Differences

The purpose of both languages is the same, but their way to work or method is distinct. Here the difference table will help you to choose one language as your career.

        Parameter             Python          Ruby
DevelopersCreated by Guido van Rossum  in 1991.Created by Yukihiro Matsumoto in 1995.
DefinitionIt is a high-level programming language.It is a general purpose language.
Framework StartPython framework Djangoby Adrian Holovaty and Simon Willison in 2003.Ruby on rails framework started by David Heinemeier Hansson in 2005.
OrientationIt is not a completely object oriented language.It is 100% object oriented language.
Function StatusFunctions are available.Functions are not available.
Developing EnvironmentIt supports multiple IDEs(Integrated development environment).It supports only EclipseIDE.
FeaturesIt is very accurate and refined to read.Sometimes it becomes difficult to remove bugs.
ToolsIt has a large library.It has a smaller library.
Lambda FunctionIt uses single line lambda functions in it.It has a large range of lambda functions.
InheritanceMultiple inheritance is supported by it.It supports single inheritance.
Way to workIt works with different functions.It works with different methods.
PurposePython is used for scientific and academic programming.It is used for functional programming and web development.
Learning curveLearning curve it has is simple.It has a rigid learning curve.
CharacteristicsIt is more capable, quick, readable, and conservative.It is powerful, refined, expressive, and efficient.
UsesPython programming is used in Pinterest,Google, Youtube,Dropbox, National Geographic and so on.Ruby programming is used in Apple, Twitter, Airbnb,Github,shopify and Groupon.

Which language should I learn?

Our next question is which language is easy to learn: Ruby on rails vs Python? In the beginning both languages are complex for you. But consistent practice and your enthusiasm for your goal make it simple for you. You should have a clear intent to learn anything. If you have a project and want to work on it then go for Ruby, otherwise if you want to make a career in data science then choose Python. If you want to learn both, it can seem too complex initially, but when you learn step by step and develop command on the syntax, it will sound natural. 

If you are learning Ruby on rails first, then it will be easy for you to switch on to Python as it has syntax similar to another programming language we taught in colleges. Python will be booming in the next two decades, so it is advisable to learn Python for your bright future.

Furthermore, if you are a quick learner and want to explore multiple programming languages, it will offer you a broad platform to work. Both languages are easy to learn if you are enthusiastic and optimistic, so choose a language according to your niche and knowledge. One more thing, both languages are capable of handling any problem regarding web development and academic and functional programming.

Benefits of learning Ruby and Python-

Ruby- It is 0.7 % faster than Python. It is an open-source language like Python and has easy syntax. Ruby was developed for the fast working of a developer as it gives liberty to the developer to create any size of web applications in a short period. Moreover, it makes novice developers able to learn quickly.

Python- In python programming; it is easy to write a program and debug it because it has a simpler syntax than other languages like C, C++, Java, etc. It is a powerful language and easy to read. Furthermore, it has an extensive library to support many programming tasks. Apart from this, it can be run on a wide variety of platforms and operating systems. It makes a complex program significantly simpler.

Resources of Learning-There are many resources you can use to learn to code. The courses on these sites will provide all the lessons from beginners to experts. So, here we are providing you top 10 sources to learn Python and Ruby.

Python- To learn Python follow these resources.

  1. W3Schools
  2. Python Guru
  3. Python Tutor
  4. Dive into Python 3
  5. Coursera
  7. Codecademy
  8. Udemy
  9. Pythonspon
  10. After Hours

Ruby- Use these best sites to learn Ruby Programming language in 2021.

1.Ruby Tapas



4.Ruby Rogues

5.Code academy



8.Learn Ruby the Hard Way



Technical Terms-

To learn Python and Ruby programming languages, firstly, we should know some technical terms used in these languages.

Object-oriented- Both Python and Ruby are Object-Oriented as everything in these languages is made up of objects that communicate with each other. This means Every programming prototype is based on the concept of object.

Interpreter- Interpreter is a program that reads and executes code. This term means that you pick up your code and make the computer to run it. There is no need to translate Python and Ruby to run because both are interpreted languages.

Language:  A programming language is about using fixed rules to instruct the computer. Every language developed with a different philosophy.

Framework: Different rules for communication, but grounded in the same language with the help of a large set of tools and techniques. It is all about the dialect of a language.

Functional Programming: Functional programming is a programming pattern that ignores state-changing and mutable data.
Imperative Programming: It is a prototype used to change the program’s state with the help of statements


To wrap it up Ruby on rails and Python both are different but also same in some aspects as we discussed above. We also explored the differences of Ruby on Rails vs Python to avoid the confusion in the mind of the reader. I hope this blog is helpful to you and you can get all the valuable information about this topic in this article.If somebody is interested to learn Ruby on rails or python we have mentioned the resources by following them one can learn these languages very effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age criteria to learn Ruby vs Python?

As both languages are easy when you get used to it thus after the age of 8 years, anyone can learn to code since there are many programs associated with coding nowadays.

What is the Time Duration to learn Ruby on rails vs Python?

If you are curious to learn Python or Ruby, it will take at least two months when you learn it full-time from 8 am to 5 pm.

What is the average salary of a Ruby developer or Python developer?

The average salary for a Ruby developer is $107,381 per year in the USA, and for a Python developer, it is $111,896.