Python vs C comparison for Learning you must know

Python vs C comparison for Learning you must know

In this blog, CodeAvail experts will help you to understand about Python vs C comparison for learning.

Many beginners are confused with Python and C programming languages when they first start learning the program. Python vs C major difference is Python is an object-oriented programming language. On the other hand, C is a structure-oriented programming language.

In general, Use of C is for developing hardware operable applications, and on the other side, Python utilizes as a general-purpose programming language. Python language runs under an interpreter whereas C language is run under a compiler. To clear out the confusion of both languages Just follow this post for a better understanding.

What is Python?

Python is an object-oriented, high-level, and interpreted programming language. It is built-in data structures, connect with dynamic typing and dynamic binding, make it a great choice for Rapid Application Development. Python also gives support for modules and packages. Which provides reuse of code and system modularity.

Furthermore, it is one of the fastest programming languages that one can learn. The reason which makes it easy to learn because it requires very few lines of code. It’s a great choice for beginners because of its simplicity and readability. Python supports modules and packages, which supports the reuse of program code and modularity. 

What is the C language?

C is a general-purpose programming language that is, easy, flexible, and very popular. It does not dependent on the machine. And structure base programming language which is used widely in different applications.

Also, the c programming language was the basics language to write everything from operating systems to complicated programs like the Git, Oracle, Python interpreter, database and more.

Accordingly, C is the basis for every other language if you have the knowledge of C language. Then it is easy for you to grasp the knowledge of other programming languages that uses the concept of C.

Key Difference Between Python vs C

Both Python vs C are common choices in the market; We have discussed some of the significant Difference Between Python and C:

  • C is the basis of python.
  • Both Python and C utilize in multithreading.
  • In python the use of for loop syntax is different. Variable does not need to be increased manually.
  • As python is an object-oriented language. It has its own garbage collector on the other hand in C language one has to manage memory on his own.
  • C has compiled language. Source code transforms into a machine language that is easy for computers to understand. Whereas Python interprets. The interpreter examines each statement line by line. This makes python more delayed as compared to C.

Python vs C comparison 

IntroductionIt is a high-level interpreted,  and general-purpose, coding language.It is a procedural, general-purpose computer coding language.
UsageThe number of lines is less that’s why in Python it’s easier to write code.Program syntax is more difficult as compared to Python.
ComplexityPython programs Syntax learning and reading is simple.Accordingly, the C program syntax is more difficult than Python.
Management of memoryFor the management of memory, python uses an automatic garbage collector. Also, C language one has to manage memory on his own.
SpeedAs compared to compiled programs execution of interpreted programs slower as compared to interpreted programs compiled programs execution is faster 
Error DebuggingError debugging is easy. Which means it takes only one instruction at one time and organizes and performs together. Errors are shown immediately and the execution is stopped, at that instruction.But, In C, error debugging is hard as this language is dependent upon the compiler. Which means it takes the complete source code to compile it and then shows all the errors.
Built-in functionsFor built-in function python has a large library.It has an insufficient number of built-in functions.
PointersPython has no pointers.In C, Pointers are there.
Variables DeclarationDeclaration of variables type is not necessary here.
In Python variables are untyped. A given variable can be stuck on values of various types at different times during the execution of the program.
In C, the variable type must be declared during its creation, and only values of that type must be assigned to it.
Data Structures ImplementationGives ease of data structures implementation with append functions, built-in insert.Data structure implementation needs its functions to be explicitly implemented.
ApplicationsPython is a General-Purpose programming language.however, C is commonly used for applications related hardware.
Extension Python language programs are saved by the .py extension.C language programs are saved with .c extension.
Function renaming mechanismBut, Python Supports function renaming mechanism that means a similar function can be used by two separate names.Hence, C doesn’t support the function renaming mechanism. which means the similar function can’t be used by two separate names

Is Python better than C?

In addition, Python has very few keywords and has more free English language syntax on the other hand C is more challenging to write.

Likewise, If you are thinking about a simple development process then go for python. But, if you compare both the language performance-wise then Python is slower as compared to C language. Because for interpretation it takes CPU significant time. So, if you compare speed wise then C is better.


As a result, a troublesome question comes to almost every programmer’s mind what is the difference between Python vs C. Python and C programming languages are the same yet have many important differences. The major difference in Python and C languages is that C is a structured programming language and python is a multi-paradigm language. 

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