What Are The Best programming languages for video games?

What programming languages for video games

If you want a new career or hobby in game development, it can be a great choice. The gaming industry has been fast-growing in the USA as well as globally.

If you are wondering what programming languages for video games are best then the answer is simple. 

The programming language you should learn will depend on the kind of games you want to build, but you must learn how to code before you can begin making them. 

Along with combining your technical and creative skills, it also gives you the satisfaction of seeing others appreciate the work you’ve put your heart and soul into.

Mobile games will have the largest market in 2023, with a market value of more than US$152.50 billion. In terms of worldwide comparison, the United States will produce most of the revenue (US$51,310.00m in 2023). 

In the video games category, the average revenue per user (ARPU) is anticipated to reach US$81.25 in 2023.

A series of codes inside each colorful, beautifully rendered video game ensures that the user’s experience is smooth. Game developers use computer languages to build the settings and elements of a game.

We will discuss “What programming languages for video games?” in brief. 

First, we will explain video games and game programming. Let’s get started.

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What is Video Game?

A video game, usually a computer game, is an electronic game that may be played using a gamepad, keyboard, or joystick as an input method.

Video games can be used for entertainment and relaxation, but they can also be used for competitions and computer learning. Some video games are designed to help improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Simple video games are used by scientists, the military, and people like you, and their evolution has spread across arcades, console computers, smartphones, and all kinds of other electronics. Video games are widely available now, yet they were created in laboratories. 

The first known U.S. patent for a video game dates back to 1948, and at the time, it was known as a cathode-ray tube entertainment device.

Today this game is converted into 2D and 3D animations, which is more interesting and attractive for users and game Creators.

Following are some sorts of video games as examples:

  • Puzzle Games
  • Adventure Games
  • First-PersonGames
  • Strategy Games
  • Sports Games
  • Role-playing Games
  • Racing Games

Today and in the future, video games are in high demand. Video game creators’ future is very bright.

What is Game Programming?

Game programming is the term used to describe the computer or video game code.

Programming has changed along with technology. Early in the history of video games, programmers were frequently in charge of the entire development process, including design. 

Dev teams, however, improved massively as technology and software advanced and games got more complicated.

Additionally, to meet player expectations, more work is being spent on things like advanced graphics and artificial intelligence.

Particularly at bigger gaming studios like Ubisoft, Blizzard Entertainment, and Electronic Arts, new positions have emerged and are frequently more specialized.

Only some programming languages are good at everything. 

For example, some languages, such as R programming (Take R programming assignment help to learn about this language), are designed for data study, while others are for web development (such as JavaScript).

The optimum language for game development must be:

  • Fast and lightweight. A game development language has to compile quickly. A lot of gamers expect real-time activity.
  • Robust. The games of today are complicated. A video game programming language has to support massive amounts of data and complex graphics.
  • Well-integrated. Game programmers and artists must work closely together. The ability to import art assets into the game is required.
  • Well-supported. With a connection to game development tools and engines, in specific. Even if you utilize the best game development languages available, they are useless if no one else does.

In addition, many game creators search for simple, quick, and deployable code. Game creators typically search for the best programming language for starter games because so many of them are also one-person businesses.

What programming languages for video games?

To communicate with computers, programmers (developers) utilize programming languages, which are computer languages. 

It is a set of guidelines created in any particular language (C, C++, Java, Python) and developed to carry out a certain task. 

Everything in the game world, including the development of the gaming process and the creation of wizards, takes a significant amount of coding using different programming languages.

You must be familiar with these top 10+ programming languages if you want to become a game developer.

1. C++ Programming Language

Powerful object-oriented C++ (Take C++ programming help to learn about this language) is frequently utilized in the creation of video games. It can be difficult to explain, but its popularity has given it importance. The majority of game development tools and frameworks support it.

C++ is one of the most well-liked and often-used programming languages for game creators despite having a high entry barrier. 

It provides direct control over hardware and graphics operations and a high level of abstraction for precise object-oriented and generic programming.

Advantages of  C++

  • Quick and effective
  • Supported widely by SDKs and frameworks
  • A sizable developer community and open-source code

Disadvantages of C++

  • Complex and challenging for newcomers
  • Particularly, many game makers have switched to newer languages.

Game Development Systems That Use C++

  • Unreal Engine
  • Godot
  • CryEngine

2. C# Programming Language

Despite being seen as simpler than C++, C# (Take C sharp assignment help to learn about this language) is a strong language. It’s a complex language made for human understanding. Its compilers reduce runtime mistakes by warning the programmer, and its syntax promotes code reuse, which makes it efficient.

It is ideal for creating games for Windows and Xbox because of its XNA foundation. Additionally, developers may create games for all platforms, including iOS, Android, PlayStation, and Windows, thanks to Game #’s engines, Unity3D and Xamarin.

The efficiency and scalability of C# contribute to its popularity in the gaming sector.

Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run are two well-known games created in C#.

Advantages of C# 

  • Quick and effective
  • frequently employed in the creation of mobile games

Disadvantages of C# 

  • It can be complicated and challenging to master, especially compared to other programming languages like Python or JavaScript.

Game Development Systems That Use C#

  • Unity
  • Godot
  • HeroEngine

3. Java Programming language

Games can be made in Java (Take Java programming help to learn about this language), a dependable and flexible cross-platform language, and played on various systems. It has a sizable development community and is rather simple to learn.

Java is based on the idea of “Write Once, Executed Anywhere,” which means that applications written in Java may be easily run on a variety of hardware and operating systems. 

Because Java is supported by the most potent 3D engine available as open source, game production businesses use it frequently. When it comes to the context of developing 3D games, the engine offers outstanding capability.

Java has been used to develop games like Mission Impossible III, Minecraft, FIFA 11, and Ferrari GT 3: World Track.

Advantages of Java

  • Simple to use and learn
  • Cross-platform; available on a variety of platforms

Disadvantages of Java

A slower language than some others because of the way it is translated

Older and, in the view of some developers, deprecated language

Game Development Systems That Use  Java

  • Jake2
  • jMonkeyEngine
  • LibGDX

4. JavaScript Programming language

One of the greatest programming languages for live-action online games is JavaScript (Take JavaScript assignment help to learn about this language).

It connects with HTML and CSS web technologies, enabling the creation of cross-platform mobile games.

Since HTML5 cannot provide animation or interaction, JavaScript is frequently used in combination with it.

Due to its popularity, JavaScript is sometimes referred to as the “language of the Internet”. Among developer communities, JavaScript has the most support, reaching a high of 67.7%. 

Due to its compatibility with HTML5, JavaScript is often used in game creation. It offers the Ease JS library, which offers simple methods for interacting with rich images. 

It also provides a hierarchical display list API that is well-known among all-flash developers.

Hangman, HexGI, Little Alchemy, Swoop, and Polycraft are well-known JavaScript games.

Advantages of JavaScript

  • Popular for designing browser-based games
  •  simple to learn and utilize

Disadvantages of JavaScript

  • Sluggish compared to several other languages
  • Used primarily for web development

Game Development Systems That Use  JavaScript 

  • Phaser 
  • MelonJS
  • PandaEngine

5. Lua 

The programming language Lua is lightweight, high-level, and multi-platform, making it simple to use and effective for creating video games. 

It is simple for developers and players to change the game since it can be integrated into many different apps.

Lua is the major programming language used by game engines, including CryEngine, Corona SDK, and Gideros mobile.

Age of Conan, American Girl, Angry Birds, and Aquaria are some well-known video games created with Lua.

Advantages of Lua

  • Simple to use and learn
  • popular for creating mobile games

Disadvantages of  Lua

  • It lacks many of the features found in much more powerful languages.

Game Development Systems That Use  Lua

  • WorldForge
  • Cocos2D 
  • CraftStudio

6. Python Programming language

Python is a simple-to-learn language that was designed to be readable by everyone. Because it has one of the most English-like syntaxes among programming languages, it is frequently used as a teaching tool in the software development industry.

Python (Take Python programming help to learn about this language) isn’t as frequently used in game programming, but it’s a fantastic place for beginners to start. As soon as you learn Python, you may start using the PyGame game creation library.

A free Python package created exclusively for game development is called PyGame.

It is simple to learn and includes the following:

  • Tutorials that are easily accessible and understandable
  • Simple Windows and macOS installations
  • Flexible core components that can be combined
  • Simple scripting language created with game scripting in mind

Advantages of  Python

  • Simple to use and learn
  • The flexible language has a wide range of uses.

Disadvantages of Python

  • A slower language than some others because of the way it is translated

Game Development Systems That Use  Python 

  • Pygame
  • Ren.py
  • Godot Engine

7. GameMaker Language (GML)

A proprietary language called GML is employed by the well-known game creation tool GameMaker Studio. 

It is well-liked by beginning programmers since it is simple to understand and use. These abilities can’t be utilized on other platforms because GML is only usable in GameMaker Studio.

Advantages of GML

  • Simple to use and learn
  • It can be used to develop games that GameMaker Studio will compile on many platforms.

Disadvantages of GML

  • Only compatible with GameMaker Studio (proprietary language)

Game Development Systems That Use GML

  • GameMaker Studio

8. Swift Programming Language

Apple has developed a new language called Swift (Take C++ programming help to learn about this language). It can be used to make many other mobile applications, but it is typically utilized for iOS game development. 

Due to its recentness, it is widely sought after by game production businesses.

Advantages of  Swift

  • Simple to use and learn.
  • Great performance is offered.
  • Excellent for creating iOS games.

Disadvantages of Swift

  • Restricted to iOS mobile apps.

Game Development Systems That Use Swift

  • SpriteKit
  • SceneKit
  • ARKit

9. HTML5 

One of the main technologies used by game developers to create cross-browser and cross-platform apps and games is HTML5. Additionally, it may be used in place of JavaScript.

Due to its superior gameplay engines, HTML5 is favored by many developers. Construct 2, ImpactJS, Phaser, Turbulenz, and Booty5 are just a few of the game frameworks that have taken on the job of HTML5 game development.

World Cup Penalty 2018, Cookie Clicker, and Gods Will Be Watching are well-known HTML5 games.

Advantages of  HTML5

  • HTML5 is a non-proprietary language.
  • It supports both audio and video.
  • HTML5 uses straightforward and uniform code.
  • HTML5 has increased uniformity among websites.
  • For your content, there are additional page layout components accessible.
  • It has advantages for search engine optimization.

Disadvantages of HTML5

  • To access it, contemporary browsers are needed.
  • Issues with media licensing must be taken into account.
  • JavaScript problems in HTML5 gaming.

10. UnrealScript 

UnrealScript, sometimes known as UScript, is a programming language created by Unreal Engine. UnrealScript is object-oriented but lacks multiple inheritances, like Java. 

UnrealScript is used by popular game platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Android, Linux, and Playstation.

Epic Games, however, has previously said that Unreal Engine 4 would not support UnrealScript.

Advent Rising, America’s Army, The Wheel of Time, and the Batman: Arkham Knight series are among well-known video games created with UnrealScript.

11. PHP

A database with the server-side programming language PHP may be used to build dynamic websites. You may enter data into or query data from a web page since it’s “dynamic.” 

PHP also gives you the ability to connect with databases, which is a critical element of server-side languages. PHP is still useful for games played in browsers. 

For their online games, several businesses (like Gameforge, Funzio, Goodgame Studios, etc.) employ PHP. The most popular programming languages are PHP and Java, however, understanding Node.js and Python are also useful. It relies on your goals for the situation.


The ideal game programming language will be significantly influenced by your game production platform. You must choose a language appropriate for your needs, regardless of whether you want to use Unity or Unreal, create games for iOS or Android, or any other platform.

If all you want to learn is a useful, all-purpose language that’s also used for game development, C#, Python, Java, or JavaScript are all fantastic choices. 

Both desktop PCs and mobile devices may be used to create games using these languages.