Machine learning vs AI : Best difference between Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning vs AI

Both Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence are absolute terms that are making a lot of buzz in the technology world. Both Ml and AI are completely dissimilar from each other in their logical thinking, algorithms, and approach. Machine learning and Artificial intelligence both are components of computer science that are compared with each other.

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning are the most trending technologies used for designing smart systems. Often many people, developers, and business owners get confused between Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence. to clear out that confusion we have differentiated both Machine learning vs AI on a broad level.

What is machine learning?

Consequently, ML is a subfield of AI, which allows machines to learn from earlier data or activities without being explicitly programmed. It enables applications to change themselves on the basis of data in real-time situations.

Likewise, Machine learning uses a large amount of structured data and semi-structured data so that an MI model can produce perfect results or give predictions on the basis of that data. MI is used in different places like Google search algorithms, Facebook Auto friend tagging idea, Email spam filters, online recommender systems, etc.

It can be classified into three types:

  • Reinforcement learning
  • Supervised learning
  • Unsupervised learning

What is Artificial intelligence?

The Artificial Intelligence word combines two words “Artificial” and “Intelligence”. Artificial points to something which is produced by human or non-natural things and Intelligence refers to the ability to think or understand. There is a misunderstanding that AI is a system, but it’s not a system .Artificial Intelligence is performed in the system.

Also, there can be various definitions of Artificial Intelligence. One can be “It is the knowledge of how to practice the computers so that computers can do tasks which at present humans can do properly.”

Therefore, it is an intelligence where we want to combine all the skills to a machine that humans have. 

On the basis of capabilities Artificial Intelligence can be classified into three types:

  • Weak Artificial Intelligence
  • General Artificial Intelligence
  • Strong Artificial Intelligence

Key differences between Machine learning (ML) vs Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence(AI)Machine Learning(ML)
Artificial intelligence(AI) is a technology that allows a machine to mimic human behavior.Machine learning(ML) is a subset of AI which enables a machine to automatically acquire from past data without programming explicitly.
Although, the purpose of Artificial Intelligence is to make a computer system that is smart like humans to resolve difficult problems.The goal of Machine Learning is to enable machines to study from data so that they can give the correct output.
In Artificial Intelligence, we make smart systems to complete any task like a human.But, In Machine Learning, we prepare machines with data to achieve a particular task and give an exact result.
Deep learning and Machine learning are the two principal subsets of Artificial Intelligence.Deep learning is the principal subset of ML.
Artificial Intelligence has a very broad range of scope.ML has a limited scope.
Artificial Intelligence is working to build a smart system that can perform multiple difficult tasks.ML is working to build machines that can perform only those particular jobs for which they are prepared.
In this first place, the Artificial Intelligence system is concerned about increasing the possibilities of success.Although, ML is mainly concerned about patterns and accuracy.
The main Artificial Intelligence applications are Expert System, Siri, an intelligent humanoid robot, customer support using catboats, Online game playing, etc.In fact, machine learning main applications are Facebook auto friend tagging suggestions, Google search algorithms, Online recommender systems, etc.
Based on capabilities, Artificial Intelligence can be classified into three types, which are, Weak Artificial Intelligence, General Artificial Intelligence, and Strong Artificial Intelligence.Machine learning can also be classified into mainly three types that are Reinforcement Learning, Unsupervised Learning, and Supervised Learning.
It includes self-correction, reasoning, and learning.

Also, it includes self-correction and learning when introduced with new data.
Artificial Intelligence completely deals with unstructured, structured and semi-structured data.ML deals with semi-structured and structured data.

Other then these differences, certain tools can be used with ML and AI. And it is said that they work better with these interrelated programs:


It is an open-source software library that can be used for statistical calculation by using a data flow graph. Researchers and engineers brought into notice after working on the Google Brain Team. The extensible architecture of Tensor Flow enables you to use computation to various CPUs and GPUs in a desktop/mobile/server/ using a single API.

IBM Watson:

Even so, IBM has been a great name in the field of AI. Because for a long time it has been researching and working on the technology. They have their in-house Artificial Intelligence platform that incorporates Artificial Intelligence tools for both the developers and business users. 


An open-source ML library, larger uses for Tech IT giants like Facebook, IBM, and Yandex Artificial Intelligence Research Group. Also, name as a scientific computational framework and a scripting language on the basis of Lua programming language. After a successful run on web platforms, it increases for Ios and Androids.


As a result, now we have come to the end of the article. And there are so many things to know about Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. As ML is a subset of Artificial Intelligence, still it will take time to improve and deliver.

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