How to Stay Awake in Class When Tired

How to Stay Awake When Tired

Often, students who have been tired for some time find it hard to stay awake in class. This is particularly true if the teacher is talking quickly and the students need help to keep up with the pace.

But you can do a few things to keep your eyes open when you are tired. You can use your hands to tap the pencil, take a sip of caffeine, or eat a bit of sugar.

This blog will guide you some efficient ways that can keep you awake in class when you find it difficult. Or we can say that we will answer the question “How to Stay Awake in Class When Tired”.

Key ways for How to Stay Awake in Class When Tired

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Getting through a class when you’re too tired can be frustrating. The best way to stay awake is to stay hydrated, eat healthily and exercise.

Keep drinking water when you are feeling low. This will keep you focused in class.

You can get a quick boost from sugary drinks, such as soda, juice or energy drinks. However, these drinks contain high amounts of sugar and caffeine. They can also increase your fatigue and increase your risk of heart attacks or strokes. 


Caffeine also increases alertness, but you’ll want to limit your consumption. A good rule of thumb is limiting yourself to 100 mg of caffeine daily. This is equivalent to four cups of coffee. It’s a short-term solution, but it’s not the healthiest.

Do Some Activity

You should also get up and walk around during class if you are a student. This can help raise your blood pressure and oxygenate your system. You should also keep your heart rate down and breathe deeply.

Deep breathing also helps your circulation. This will increase the oxygen supply to your brain.

Getting physical exercise before class has also been shown to improve alertness and focus. Try jumping jacks, walking around, or jogging in place. You should also eat a balanced meal before class and drink at least two to three glasses of water per day.

Take Good Sleep at Night

If you are looking for the answer to how to stay awake in class when tired, then this point can be a game changer for you. Getting a good night’s sleep is also crucial.

A study found that students who had been all-nighters performed worse on their tests than students who slept well. It’s essential to eat a healthy breakfast before class. 

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A nice scent can make you feel better and make it easier to stay awake in class. If you are tired, try a few of the following scents to boost your energy and help you stay focused during class. The best scent to improve your energy level is lavender.

Another good smell to boost your energy is juniper. Juniper is also suitable for increasing focus and enhancing memory. It also helps to open your airways, making it easier to breathe.

Try peppermint essential oil. Peppermint helps increase your attention and alertness and also helps to improve memory and motor response speed. It also helps to open your airways, boosting your energy levels.

In addition to boosting energy, lavender can improve focus and cognitive function. It also helps to recharge your brain when you are relaxing. This is especially useful for kids.

Try a cool, refreshing scent, such as lemon or rosemary. You can also use essential oil blends to stimulate your senses and improve focus and attention. These blends can be used in a diffuser to create a nice, relaxing scent.

The olfactory bulb is located at the back of your throat, and smells travel through the nose, nostrils, and back of the throat. It is located directly in the hippocampus and indirectly in the amygdala and thalamus.

It is responsible for determining the most critical smells to the brain and the most important ones to the senses. The olfactory bulb also affects memory and sustained attention.

In addition to using the right scents to boost energy, you can also take notes, talk to your teacher, and sit straight. These are all things that will help to increase your alertness, improve your memory, and improve your overall concentration in class.

We suggest you to try this method once if you really want to know about how to stay awake in class when tired.

Maintain Good Posture

Posture always plays a key role to stay alert especially if you want to know how to stay awake in class when tired. If you pay attention to maintain proper body posture while sitting, you probably may not fall asleep. 

It builds your interest in whatever is being taught. Moreover, it can make you feel full of energy throughout the day.

Try to sit in the front row closer to the teacher. This will keep you motivated towards being alert in the classroom.

Tapping a pencil

Taking notes is a great way to how to stay awake in class when tired. While some classes may offer better options, it can help some students stay alert and focused.

A student at the University of Florida says that taking notes helps him keep his mind and body awake, and he writes down everything he hears in class.

Another student at the University of Florida said that he uses a gadget to help him stay focused in class. He says that the Alexander Hamilton mode on his computer helps him stay focused and it helps him learn.

The gadget doesn’t have to be a huge deal, but it does have to be discreet. The gadget could be a small device that looks like a pen, and the student should write down what he hears.

Alternatively, the student could use a notebook or other paper to write down what he hears and flip through the pages to ensure he gets all the information.

Having someone behind you can also be helpful

Some students may find that it helps to have a friend sit in front of them so that they can wake up when they start dozing off. This may seem strange, but it could be an excellent way to stay awake in class. 

They can help you get up and walk around if you feel sleepy, and they can also help you get back to taking notes. This is especially helpful if you have a lot of homework or exams coming up.

Make Attentive Efforts

There are several ways to stay awake in class, and taking notes is one of them. However, if you need to nap during class, try to avoid calling attention to yourself. If you fall asleep, try to make eye contact with the teacher and answer a few questions.

The Bottom Line

The ways discussed above are beneficial to keep you alert in the classroom. Yet, the best practice is to follow a healthy lifestyle and get adequate sleep.

Hope you find this blog on how to stay awake in class when tired useful. Stay awake and keep learning.