9 Tips For beginners how to become the best programmer in the world

9 Tips For beginners how to become the best programmer in the world

Here in this blog, CodeAvail experts will explain on how to become the best programmer for beginners in the world step by step.

How To Become a Good Programmer

Programming is one of the most important skills today. If you are planning to become a programmer, then you are on the right path because this is one of the highly demanded positions in an organization.

Due to the high demand for professional programmers, it becomes necessary for learners to learn and practice the skills on how to become a good programmer for beginners. Learning a programming language is not an easy task. This is often because they choose the wrong approach to learn the programming language. Some people want to make applications that are difficult to understand, even though they are not well-versed in the program’s basics.

In this blog of how can I become a good programmer for beginners.? We share some of the best guidelines for how can I become a successful programmer, that will act as a flowchart, which will improve your programming skills.

9 Tips For beginners how to become the best programmer in the world
9 Tips For beginners how to become the best programmer in the world

9 Best Ways How can I become a programmer from Scratch

  • Understand the Basics

For any job and any industry, understanding the concepts is the key to success. Unless you have no understanding of basics. Thats why to become a good programmer, you need to learn the basics first.

If you have a basic understanding of something, then it will help you in designing and achieving the best solutions in the best possible way. If you still feel like you are not ready to become a good programmer, it’s not too late to go back and review the basics.

  • Write Easy To Understand And Logical Programming Codes

The formula of KISS(keep it short and simple) works in programming also thats why Keep your programming simple and short as possible.

Try writing logical codes and avoid complexity. Many programmers write complex codes just to show that they can write complex codes. Codes that are easy to understand but logical always work well, resulting in some issues, and are more extendable. 

  • Try Analyzing your Code

Although it’s not easy to analyze your own code, try to beaking your own code before others can. Analyzing your own problem and finding the solution by yourself will help you learn more. Always do a close and honest analysis of your code.

Also, don’t hesitate to take others to view your code. This method will surely help programmers looking for the answer on how to become a good programmer for beginners.

  • Read As Many Books You  Can

There is a difference between the wrong code and the right code, but how will you understand? You can’t know the difference until you have found a code that is good and understands why that code is right.

This is where books play the main role. In books, they show their experience. You can find problems in your code by reading books, and then you can apply the solution given in the book. By reading books, you can learn a lot from someone else’s experience.

If you want to improve your skills, you can do it by learning from your own experience, or you can learn from others’ experiences. Books are the best place where you can find the answer to “How long does it take to become a good programmer?.”

It’s not always good to read more books. It’s better to read 2-3 books and enjoy reading them many times.

  • Talking to a fellow programmer

For many individuals, reading is a more inactive method as compared to the talking method. Selecting a program and examine it with the other programmer always leads them to a better conclusion. This fact is also natural as your mind involve more in a certain discussion when you listen and talk to others.

When you are discussing with your teammates, you have found bugs, gaps, design flaws. Programmers remove them with with the help of the computer,

talking to others, sharing, and doing whiteboard session help.

Don’t just code participate in events, talk to other programmers, listen to them, and hang out with your fellow programmer. 

  • Help others In Solving Their Problems

Most of us have this problem of not sharing the knowledge with others. We only help others when we need help from them. We don’t understand that more we share our knowledge with others more we will learn. This is what separates a good programmer from a programmer.

Every time you solve someone’s problem you learn something new from them because you never know what question they will ask. Sometimes people ask questions you never heard of. You understand others’ problems investigate them give them the solution that will leave you much more learned than before. 

  • Contribution to Open Source and Signing-up mailing lists

To become a better programmer and to improve your programming skills that can contribute to open source coding, especially from Google, Apache, and many other projects. Just by signing their mail list will teach you a lot. As several discussions occur in between the programmers. After listening to other programmers, they approach, view, solve, and then develop the habit of good programming.

  • Practice It Many Times As Possible

programmers write programming that works. Best programmers write programming that runs extremely well. There are fewer chances if you try for the first time. 

  1. First, you write the programming to prove to yourself or clients. Others may not understand the programming, but you do. 
  2. The second try, you make it work.
  3. The third try, you make it work right.

If you compare your work with the best programmers, the level of work may not be obvious. You need to practice the code many times as possible because you are not just learning for yourself. Practicing coding many times prevents you from getting stuck in a rut.

  • Participate In Different Events

Participating in events will help you revise your knowledge. The first person who will benefit by sharing knowledge is the one who shares. Participating in events and answering other people’s questions are the best way to revise your knowledge and increase your programming skills. Sharing your knowledge with others will not only help others but also put them to the test. Many times you have seen someone is getting benefited with your knowledge. Also, you are correcting your misconception.


Every programmer wants to become the best programmer, but it’s not possible for everyone to succeed. Other than your natural talent for solving the programming, to increase your programming skills it requires a lot of hard work, continuous learning, and determination to become the best programmer. More you practice coding, unit testing, code review, and designing, the better you will become. In this article, we have mentioned all the guidance that will help you find the answer to how to become a good programmer in the world for beginners.

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