14 Best Steps on How to Make an Assignment on MS Word

14 Best Steps on How to Make an Assignment on MS Word

Here in this blog, CodeAvail experts will explain to you 14 best steps on how to make an assignment on MS word step by step in detail.

How to make an assignment on MS word 

Yeah, we know that making an assignment is a bit difficult for most of the students. Because some of them are afraid of making the assignment. And if not afraid then they do not know how to use Ms word properly and using it without the proper knowledge can become disastrous for many. Likewise, And that is why we are writing this blog for you to know how to make an assignment on Ms word.

So, that you can know How to make an assignment on MS Word. Also, so that you can complete your work efficiently. So, here is the step for you to make an assignment on MS Word, and that too a great assignment. However, and the steps on how to make an assignment on MS Word are as follows:- 

Setting the layout of the page for your assignment:- 

1. On the Toolbar, select the Page Layout tab. Likewise, Page Setup options will appear.

Then it’s time for Margins:- 

2. Set the margins as follows (because it’s the standard measure for the margin):

Top: 2.5cm; bottom: 2.5cm; left: 2.5cm (or 3.2cm); right: 2.5cm (or 3.2cm)

Setting Orientation of the page:- 

3. Orientation: Portrait

Setting Size:- 

4. Set to A4 unless otherwise specified. 

Setting styles:- 

Go Back in the Home tab, You will find the Styles options in right of the toolbar you will need to use these steps to set the headings and paragraph text for your work.

For Headings:- 

Use no more than three heading levels (Heading 1,2 and 3)

The headings size should always be:- 

• H1: Arial 14 pt bold

• H2: Arial 12 pt bold, italics

• H3: Arial 10.5-11 pt bold

And the text type should be Normal text

• Times New Roman 12 pt (or equivalent) 

To set the headings styles for your work, you will have to: 

1. Click the small Styles icon/button.

2. Select/highlight the style to modify (e.g. ‘H1’), and then right-click >Modify. Likewise, the Modify Style dialog box will appear.

3. Under Formatting, You can change the font style and size as per your need.

4. Click OK. 

Setting up your assignment as the one document

Also, your Work including the title page and references ( not the Assignment Attachment form*) must be aggregated as the single word (.docx) report. 

It is, thusly, simpler to make the one record, embed your significant headings, and enter the content from that point. But, if you decide to make separate documents while setting up your task (for example a different record for references),  you will need to copy and paste the final contents into the one-word document, and finalize formatting there. 

*The Assignment Attachment structure is either submitted electronically, as a different document or attached to a submitted printed copy.

Inserting section breaks, page breaks, and page numbers:- 

The document has two sections –

section 1 contains the title page, ‘Abstract’ and ‘Table of contents’; 

section 2 contains The remainder of the assignment.

There are then page breaks within each section (e.g. between ‘Abstract’ and

‘Table of contents’; ‘Conclusion’ and ‘References’). 

To insert the Section break (i.e. make two sections)

1. Position your cursor at the end of the Table of contents. (Just have this as a

heading; the actual table will be added at the end.)

2. From the toolbar at the top of your document, open the Page Layout tab and

select Breaks>Section Breaks>Next Page. Under Section break types, select

‘Next page’. This has now divided the assignment into two sections.

Now to insert the page breaks

3. Place your cursor at the foot of the title (cover) page.

4. Select the Page Layout tab>Breaks>Page Breaks>Page. This has now created

a page break between the title page and Abstract.

5. Place the cursor at the foot of the Abstract page and repeat to make the break

between the Abstract and Table of contents.

6. Place a page break between the Conclusion in the next section.

Now to add the page numbers

For section 1:

7. Place your cursor within the title page. Click on the Insert tab and then select

Page Number in the Header & Footer set of options.

8. Select Top of Page>Plain Number 3 (‘right’ alignment). Do not close the

Header and Footer just yet.

9. Check the box for Different First Page. (This will remove the page number

from the title page.)

10. In the Header & Footer group of options to the left of the toolbar, select Page

Number>Format Page Numbers. Select i, ii, iii .. from the Number format.

drop-down list. Under Page numbering, click the Start at the radio button (if not

already activated) and select i. Click OK.

11. Close the Header and Footer.

[This will paginate slightly differently to the example, with Abstract on page

ii. ]

For section 2:

12. Go to the start of section 2 (i.e. beginning at the ‘Introduction’) and double click on the existing page number. This will open the Header settings options.

13. In the Header & Footer options section on the toolbar, select Page

Number>Format Page Numbers.

14. Make sure the ‘Show number on first page’ is selected (i.e. the box is ticked).

15. Select 1, 2, 3 from the Number format drop-down list. Under Page numbering,

Click on the Start at the radio button and set the start on page 1.

16. Click OK

Inserting the Table of contents:-

 1. Move the cursor under the ‘Table of contents’ heading. 

2. Check that the checkboxes for ‘Show page numbers’ and ‘Right align page


3. In the (last) Show levels box, set it to either just ‘1’ (i.e. list only the heading 1

level headings) or ‘2’ (to show both H1, H2 headings).

4. Click OK.

5. To update the table anytime, right-click in the table and it’s almost done.

The title page:- 

Follow these steps as the model for your work:

  • Assignment title: Arial 28 pt, italics, centered
  • (Assignment number): Arial 18 pt, italics, centered
  • Other details: Times New Roman 14 pt, left-justified; single tab spacing for items on the one line.

Word count:

Show the word count properly for the body of your assignment, because it’s’ important.

1. Place your cursor on the Introduction title, hold the Shift key down, and got to the end of the Conclusion.

2. And then Tools>Word Count and record the number of words. 

Spelling and Grammar Check:-

Always keep an eye on spelling and sentence structure and Before you get printed copy of your task, 

What you should do is:- 

  • Run the word spell and sentence structure, and carefully look at your Work. (Tools>Spelling and Grammar.)
  • Ensure the Dictionary Language is set to English (Australia, UK, Canada).

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To this end, now you know 14 best steps on how to make an assignment on MS Word in detail.

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