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Winner of California's $2B lottery gets largest U.S. jackpot

A former student of the California public school system who prefers to primarily avoid the spotlight is the lucky recipient of the greatest U.S. lottery payout in history.

Officials from the California Lottery announced on Tuesday that Edwin Castro had won the $2.04 billion Powerball jackpot in November.

The winning ticket was purchased at Joe's Service Center in the unincorporated city of Altadena, which is located northeast of Los Angeles in the foothills.

Winners of the California Lottery, however, are not obliged to reside in the state. Owner of Joe's Service Center Joe Chahayed received a $1 million prize for selling the winning ticket.

It's encouraging to learn that the California school system also gains significantly from my victory, he remarked.

Winners have the option of receiving their rewards in a flat amount or over 30 annual instalments. Castro, according to state officials, selected the $997.6 million single sum.

Due to how long it took for someone to select the ideal set of six numbers to win, Castro's lottery victory was the largest in American history.

Castro's numbers were announced after more than 40 consecutive drawings: 10, 33, 41, 47, and 56, plus the red Powerball, which was 10.

According to Becker, all of those lotteries earned the highest money ever from a single jackpot—$156.3 million—for California's public schools.

Three tickets purchased in California, Florida, and Tennessee resulted in the second-largest prize of $1.586 billion in 2016.

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