The Best Items To Order From the Publix Deli


The sandwiches at Publix are truly outstanding; they are made with freshly baked Italian rolls and Boar's Head goods.

Prepared Salads

From the cold case, you can choose a sizable Cobb, Caesar, or other speciality salad, all of which are priced between $7 and $9.

Spicy Fried Chicken Wings

When it comes to chicken, Publix is here to help. You can buy a 20-piece set for only $16.

Olive Bar

The price of the olive bar is $10 a pound, which isn't too bad. You can typically get olives that have been filled with a wonderful selection of cheeses.


A wide variety of take-home Panera soups are available at many Publix locations, just a few feet away from the soup aisle. I'm not going to suggest that Publix can surpass the soup tycoon on its own.

Deli Sides

The most traditional sandwich side may be chips, but since we're at Publix, your options are only limited by your imagination.

Prepared Meals

There are many prepared meals waiting for you in the deli department, some of which are currently hot and others which are simple to reheat later.

Lemon Pepper Oven Roasted Chicken

You could be fortunate enough to get a rotisserie chicken that appears somewhat decent at a Southeastern grocery shop like Ingles.

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