Florida man wins $1M on scratch-off ticket after being cut in line at Publix

Last week, a cut in line that led to a winning million-dollar lottery ticket brought good fortune to a Florida guy looking for it.

After having a horrible day, 43-year-old Stephen Espinoza went to the Publix supermarket on Northeast 5th Avenue in Delray Beach to buy a lottery ticket.

However, as he got to the machine to buy a scratch-off, another man cut in front of him, according to the Florida Lottery.

The $50 "500X The Cash" game, which went on sale in February 2022 and has a top prize of $25 million, was the one he picked out of the stack of tickets as he approached the counter.

Espinoza claimed he found it hard to believe. He made the trip to the Lottery's headquarters in Tallahassee to claim his reward and decided to take home $820,000 in one lump sum.

The $25 million top prize in the "500X The Cash" game, according to the Florida Lottery, is the biggest top prize ever offered on a scratch-off game in the state.

Out of the 160 prizes that were available, 42 are still million-dollar rewards after Espinoza's victory. Additionally, 77 of the 300 $50,000 awards still exist.

A $2,000 bonus will be given to the Publix location for selling the winning ticket.

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