8 Awesome Stem Engineering Projects In 2023

Egg Drop Challenge

Design and build a structure that protects an egg from breaking when dropped from a height.

Straw Roller Coaster

Construct a roller coaster using straws, tape, and other materials to understand principles of engineering.

Paper Bridge

Create a bridge using only paper and tape to test its strength and load-bearing capacity.

Solar Oven

Build a solar-powered oven using reflective materials to harness the sun's energy for cooking or heating food.

Balloon Rocket

Build a small rocket powered by the force of air released from a balloon, exploring Newton's third law of motion.

Catapult Launcher

Construct a catapult or trebuchet to launch small objects, investigating projectile motion and potential energy.

Water Filtration System

Design and build a water filtration device using everyday materials to purify and clean contaminated water.

Wind Turbine

Build a wind turbine model to harness wind energy and generate electricity, studying renewable energy sources.

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