Top Aerospace Engineering Project Ideas for Intermediate

Wing Optimization

Develop an algorithm to optimize wing design for maximum lift and minimum drag.

Lightweight Materials Investigation

Investigate the performance and feasibility of lightweight materials.

Solar-Powered UAV

Design and build a solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for long-endurance flights.

Supersonic Nozzle Design

Create an optimized nozzle design for supersonic propulsion systems to maximize thrust and efficiency.

Autonomous Landing System

Develop an autonomous landing system for unmanned aircraft that can safely land in various conditions.

Hypersonic Vehicle Concept

Explore innovative concepts for hypersonic vehicles capable of traveling at extremely high speeds.

Aircraft Noise Reduction

Study and propose techniques to reduce aircraft noise pollution during takeoff, landing, and flight.

Rocket Stability Analysis

Conduct a stability analysis of rockets to determine the optimal configuration for safe and controlled flight.

Space Debris Cleanup

Devise strategies and technologies for capturing and removing space debris from Earth's orbit.

Unmanned Aerial Delivery System

Design and implement an unmanned aerial delivery system for transporting goods.

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