Scotland County woman wins $150,000 lottery prize

With the money she won from the North Carolina Education Lottery, a woman from Scotland County may now afford nursing school.

On February 8, Sarah Wilkerson of Laurinburg won the final Holiday Spectacular second-chance drawing's top prize of $150,000.

Players were given a second shot with their holiday scratch-off tickets by scanning them into their lottery accounts, where they are automatically placed into the drawing.

Friday saw Wilkerson travel to the lottery's headquarters to claim her award. After deductions, she received $106, 875.

Wilkerson, 41, who is enrolled in nursing school, intends to utilise the earnings to fund the remainder of her studies.

Wilkerson stated that the remaining funds will be saved once nursing school is over.

Wilkerson remarked, "I saw the email and I thought it was a prank. I had never really succeeded in anything before, but I persisted.

She didn't think I was real, Wilkerson claimed. I thought, "Mom, this is real."

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