Sacramento businesses preparing for Valentine's day

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. Businesses are getting ready to share the love in advance of Valentine's Day.

According to Jim Relles of Relles Florist, "We're going to sell roughly 276 dozen red roses."

The business has spent 76 years in Sacramento and has experienced a decent number of Valentine's Days.

"Returning customers helped us grow our company. We take pride in the high rate of client retention and the yearly calls we receive "Relles remarked.

The ideal delicious goodies are being made for your beloved over at Freeport Bakery.

"We endeavor to keep up with the amount of demand. Right now, there's a bunch of icing everywhere, colours running everywhere, and decorations. It's also a lot of fun," Angelica Campos, a decorator at Freeport Bakery, said.

Bakeries had a chocolate scarcity last year, and this year they are battling with egg pricing.

"Right now, the eggs are getting a little overpriced and out of control, but we're trying to stay ahead of the game and purchase as many as we can," Campos said.

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