Robotics Project Ideas for Engineers and School Students

1. Autonomous Rover

Build a small rover capable of navigating and exploring its environment without human intervention.

2. Gesture-Controlled Robot Arm

Create a robot arm that responds to hand gestures, offering a fun and interactive way to explore robotics.

3. Maze-Solving Robot

Construct a robot that can autonomously navigate through a maze by detecting walls and finding the most efficient path.

4. Home Automation Robot

Develop a robot that can perform tasks like turning lights on/off, controlling appliances.

5. Drone with Object Recognition

Design a drone that can identify and follow specific objects or people, combining robotics and computer vision.

6. Robotic Arm with 3D Printing

Build a robotic arm equipped with a 3D printer head, allowing it to create physical objects.

7. Underwater Robot

Create a submersible robot capable of exploring underwater environments.

8. Robotics in Agriculture

Develop a robot designed for agricultural tasks like planting, harvesting, etc.

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