Top 8 Robotics Project Ideas for Beginners and Intermediates

1. Line Following Robot

Create a robot that follows a line on the ground using sensors, teaching basic navigation and sensor integration.

2. Obstacle Avoidance Bot

Build a robot that can navigate around obstacles by detecting and avoiding them using proximity sensors.

3. Remote-Controlled Rover

Construct a remote-controlled rover to explore different terrains, honing your skills in wireless communication.

4. Automated Plant Watering System

Design a system that senses soil moisture and waters plants automatically.

5. Gesture-Controlled Robot

Develop a robot that responds to hand gestures, introducing you to image processing.

6. Maze-Solving Robot

Build a robot capable of autonomously navigating through a maze, teaching pathfinding algorithms.

7. Robotic Arm

Create a basic robotic arm that can grasp and move objects, delving into mechanical design and servo motor control.

8. Voice-Activated Assistant

Construct a robot that responds to voice commands, providing an introduction to speech recognition.

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