Powerball lottery result announced: California`s Edwin Castro wins the $2.04 billion jackpot

The $2.04 billion lottery, which set a record for being the most expensive in American history, has finally named its lone winner.

Officials from the California Lottery announced at a news conference on Tuesday, as it was posted on its Twitter account.

Meanwhile, according to the New York Times, Edwin Castro had won the Powerball jackpot and decided to take the $997.6 million payment all at once.

The winner's name was the only item mentioned in the news conference.

According to CNN, Castro purchased the winning ticket in Altadena, California, early in November, matching each of the six numbers that were chosen.

The identity of a lottery winner and any other pertinent information must be made public per California's disclosure requirements.

The name of the retailer who sold the winning ticket, their name and location, the day the jackpot was won, and the sum are the only information that may be disclosed under state law, according to USA Today.

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