10 Exciting Paper Craft Ideas for School Project

1. Origami Menagerie: Create a collection of animals using origami techniques.

2. Pop-up Storybook: Craft a storybook with 3D pop-up illustrations.

3. Paper Mache Sculptures: Sculpt figures or objects using paper mache.

4. Quilled Artwork: Design intricate patterns using quilling strips.

5. Paper Collage Landscapes: Build landscapes by layering cut paper.

6. Kirigami Greeting Cards: Make intricate designs with cut and folded paper.

7. Recycled Magazine Art: Create artwork using recycled magazine pages.

8. Paper Weaving: Explore patterns and textures through paper weaving.

9. 3D Paper Masks: Construct masks using paper and papier-mâché techniques.

10. Embossed Paper Art: Add texture and detail to paper using embossing techniques.

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