10 Interesting Agriscience Fair Project Ideas

1. Soil pH and Crop Growth: Investigate how different soil pH levels affect plant growth.

2. Hydroponic vs. Soil Growth: Compare the growth of plants in hydroponic systems versus traditional soil.

3. Pest Management Strategies: Explore natural vs. chemical pest control methods in agriculture.

4. Effects of Fertilizers on Plant Growth: Study the impact of different fertilizers on crop yield and health.

5. Aquaponics Ecosystems: Analyze the symbiotic relationship between fish and plants in aquaponic systems.

6. Climate Change and Crop Adaptation: Investigate how changing climate patterns affect crop varieties and yields.

7. Vertical Farming Efficiency: Compare the efficiency of vertical farming systems in urban environments.

8. Organic vs. Conventional Farming: Assess the differences in sustainability and yield between organic and conventional farming practices.

9. Genetic Modification in Agriculture: Examine the effects of genetic modification on crop resistance and productivity.

10. Crop Rotation and Soil Health: Study the benefits of crop rotation on soil nutrient levels and pest control.

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