object-oriented programming in c

Object-Oriented Programming is a method of taking care of complex issues by breaking them into small utilizing objects.

Before Object Oriented Programming (normally alluded to as OOP), programs were written in a procedural language.

Before there was only a long list of instructions but then, the OOP is all about making objects that can interface with one another.

This makes it simpler to create programs in OOP as we can comprehend the connection between them and that is why we need to use OBJECT-ORIENTED PROGRAMMING IN C

But in order to use object-oriented programming in c and c++ you need to learn a few more things. And after learning those methods you will totally learn everything about OOP in C and C++.

So, the methods of doing that are as follows:- – Class and Objects – Abstraction – Polymorphism – Reusability – Inheritance – Encapsulation

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