Newborn babies at Boston hospital dressed to dazzle on Valentine’s Day

After being decked up in lovely costumes in honour of Valentine's Day, newborn newborns are ready to amaze the nursing staff at a hospital in Boston.

According to a Brigham and Women's Hospital representative, the infants in the Brigham NICU are thrilled to celebrate their very first Valentine's Day.

On Tuesday morning, the hospital posted pictures of several babies dressed for the holidays.

They won't be consuming any chocolate, the hospital representative continued.

These adorable faces are going to be showered with love and melt some hearts today!

For major occasions like Opening Day at Fenway Park and holidays like Halloween, local hospitals usually dress up infants.

These adorable babies at Boston Hospital are ready for their first St. Patrick’s Day.

Newborns in Mass General for Children and Brigham and Women’s Hospital are showing off their charm on St. Patrick's Day!

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