Top 8 NCSC Projects Ideas In 2023

1. Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign

Develop an educational campaign to raise awareness about cyber threats.

2. Threat Intelligence Platform

Create a centralized platform that gathers, analyzes, and disseminates real-time threat.

3. Secure Software Development Framework

Establish a framework for secure software development, including guidelines, tools, and processes.

4. Incident Response Simulation Exercise

Conduct a simulated cyber incident response exercise to evaluate the organization's readiness.

5. Cyber Risk Assessment Tool

Design and develop a tool that assesses the cyber risk posture of an organization.

6. Vulnerability Management System

Build a system that identifies, prioritizes, and tracks vulnerabilities across an organization's.

7. Security Operations Center (SOC) Enhancement

Enhance the capabilities of the existing SOC by implementing advanced threat detection and response technologies.

8. Cybersecurity Training Program

Develop a comprehensive training program that equips employees with the necessary skills and knowledge.

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