Exiciting DIY Engineering Projects for Beginners

LED Blinking Circuit

Build a basic circuit that makes an LED light blink on and off.

Simple Motorized Toy Car

Construct a small toy car that can move forward using a simple motor.

DIY Water Rocket Launcher

Create a launcher to propel a water-filled plastic bottle into the air using compressed air.

Homemade Wind Turbine

Build a small-scale wind turbine to generate electricity from wind power.

Arduino Traffic Light

Program an Arduino microcontroller to control a simulated traffic light system.

Raspberry Pi Home Security System

Set up a home security system using a Raspberry Pi board and various sensors.

DIY Smartphone Projector

Construct a homemade projector using a smartphone and a few basic materials.

Hydraulic Claw

Design and build a hydraulic claw mechanism that can pick up objects using syringes and tubing.

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