Top 10 Maths Project Ideas for Exhibition

1. Fractal Art: Create visually captivating art using mathematical fractals, showcasing the beauty of mathematical pattern

2. Probability Games: Design and develop interactive games that explore concepts of probability and chance.

3. Math in Nature: Highlight mathematical patterns found in natural phenomena like sunflowers' spirals

4. Golden Ratio Creatins: Craft objects with proportions based on the golden ratio, demonstrating its aesthetic significance.

5. Tessellations: Construct intricate patterns by arranging shapes without gaps or overlaps, illustrating geometry principles.

6. Pi Approximation: Develop methods to estimate pi using different techniques and visualize its significance.

7. Math Puzzles: Design and present engaging puzzles that challenge logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

8. Graph Theory: Analyze networks, connectivity, and paths, revealing the applications of graph theory in real-life scenarios.

9. Mathematical Magic Tricks: Perform magic tricks that involve math principles, intriguing and educating the audience.

10. Math and Music: Explore the mathematical relationships in music, demonstrating harmonics, rhythms, and musical intervals.

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