Inspire Award Projects Ideas for Science 2023

1. Solar-Powered Water Purification

Develop a system that uses solar energy to purify water, providing clean drinking water in remote areas.

Create eco-friendly plastics from natural materials that degrade harmlessly, reducing plastic pollution.

2. Biodegradable Plastic Alternatives

Design an intelligent traffic management system using sensors and AI to ease urban congestion.

3. Smart City Traffic Management

4. Wearable Health Monitoring Device

Build a wearable device that tracks vital signs and sends alerts for potential health issues.

5. Efficient Wind Turbine Blade Design

Develop optimized wind turbine blades for increased energy generation in low-wind areas.

6. Aquaponics Ecosystem for Food Production

Construct a sustainable system that combines fish farming and plant cultivation to provide both food sources.

7. AI for Early Earthquake Detection

Utilize AI algorithms to predict earthquakes and minimize their impact on vulnerable areas.

8. Biodiversity Tracking App

Create an app for citizen scientists to report and monitor local biodiversity, aiding conservation efforts.

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