Entrepreneurship Project Ideas for Students

Eco-Friendly Products Marketplace

Create an online platform to connect consumers with eco-friendly and sustainable products.

Develop a digital platform that connects students seeking help with tutors.

Virtual Tutoring Network

Design an app that offers fitness routines, mental health resources, and healthy recipes.

Health and Wellness App

Local Artisan E-commerce

Build an e-commerce website showcasing unique handmade crafts and products.

Smart Home Energy Management

Develop a system that automates energy usage in homes, optimizing consumption.

Food Sharing App

Create an app that enables people to share surplus home-cooked food with others in their community.

Personalized Learning Platform

Build an AI-driven platform that tailors educational content to individual learning styles.

Community Carpooling Solution

Design a mobile app for neighbors to coordinate ridesharing, reducing traffic congestion.

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