Top Capstone Project Ideas for IT Students

Virtual Classroom Manager

Develop a platform to facilitate online learning and classroom management for educators and students.

Healthcare Chatbot

Create an AI-driven chatbot that offers medical advice and information, enhancing healthcare accessibility.

E-Commerce Analytics Dashboard

Build a comprehensive dashboard to analyze and visualize sales, customer behavior.

Smart Home Energy Management

Design a system to optimize energy usage in homes by monitoring and controlling appliances.

Augmented Reality Museum Guide

Develop an AR app that provides interactive and informative experiences for museum visitors.

Cybersecurity Training Platform

Create a hands-on platform to educate users about cybersecurity threats and best practices.

Automated Parking System

Design a smart parking solution that uses sensors and AI to efficiently manage parking spaces in busy areas.

Personalized Fitness Assistant

Build an app that offers customized workout routines and nutritional guidance.

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