major project ideas for cse final year in 2023

AI-based Virtual Tutor

Develop an intelligent virtual tutor that uses AI algorithms to personalize learning and assist students.

Create a self-driving delivery system that uses robotics and AI to efficiently deliver packages.

Autonomous Delivery System

Build a system to automate various tasks in a home, such as controlling lights, appliances, etc.

Smart Home Automation

Healthcare Chatbot

Develop a conversational AI chatbot that can provide medical advice and answer health-related queries.

Augmented Reality Gaming

Design an augmented reality game that combines real-world elements with interactive virtual experiences.

Predictive Crime Analytics

Develop a system that utilizes machine learning to analyze crime data and predict potential crime hotspots.

Blockchain-based Supply Chain Management

Implement a blockchain solution to enhance transparency and traceability.

Gesture Recognition for Sign Language

Create a gesture recognition system that translates sign language into text or speech.

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