Top 7 Data Analysis Projects Ideas In 2023

1. E-Commerce Product Recommendation System

Analyze customer behavior and purchase history to develop a personalized product recommendation engine.

2. COVID-19 Impact Analysis

Investigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on various sectors like healthcare, economy.

3. Stock Market Predictive Model

Build a data-driven model to predict stock prices and analyze historical trends to make investment decisions.

4. Customer Churn Analysis

Identify patterns and factors that contribute to customer churn in a subscription-based service.

5. Movie Rating Sentiment Analysis

Analyze movie reviews or user ratings to determine sentiment and gain insights into audience preferences.

6. Climate Change Data Exploration

Explore climate datasets to understand trends, anomalies, and potential impacts of climate change.

7. Sports Performance Analysis

Analyze athlete performance data to gain insights into player strengths, weaknesses, and team strategies.

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