How Long To Learn C++: Everything You Should Know

C++ programming is a powerful general-purpose language, and it can be used to develop games,  browsers, operating systems, and so on.

– Object-Oriented – Platform Dependent – Powerful & Fast – Mid-level programming language – Structured programming language – Simple – Memory Management – Rich Library – Compiler based – Syntax based language – Pointers

Features Of C++ Programming

– C++ Popularity and High Salary – C++ has Abundant Library Support – C++ has a Large Community – C++ In Databases – C++ In Operating Systems – C++ In Compilers – C++ In Web Browsers – C++ In Graphics – C++ In Embedded Systems – C++ is Portable

Reasons to Learn C++ Programming

– declare variables – store information – collect user input – repeat an action through loops – write functions to repeat blocks of code

What You’ll Need To Learn In the Basics of C++?

For the beginner level, it will take around 2-3 months. Understanding the intermediate level will take you 6-12 months, and becoming the master of this language (advance level) will take you more than 12 months.

How Long To Learn C++?

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