How King Charles could break late Queen's important Easter tradition

Good Friday on March 7 marks the start of the Easter season, which lasts until Easter Monday on April 10.

Easter is a significant holiday for the Royal Family, especially in light of the monarch's position as head of the Church of England.

Queen Elizabeth II, who frequently asked her family to spend the weekend with her in Windsor, had a significant impact on the rituals.

But now that King Charles III is in power, he might like to celebrate the festival in a different way, according to earlier rumours.

He and his wife, Queen Consort Camilla, have previously celebrated the holiday alone at their home in Scotland.

The couple participated in the monarch's custom of distributing special coins known as "Maundy money" last year by attending St. George's Chapel on Maundy Thursday.

In place of the late Queen who was unable to attend, to individuals who have contributed positively to their churches and communities.

Prince William, Kate, Princess of Wales, and their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte, as well as other members of the Royal Family,

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