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Costco Food Courts Are Even Better in Other Countries

Fried Chicken & French Fries

Quebec Costco Chicken wings are on sale in Canada. 30 wings and three or four sauces for $20.

Bahn Mi

You can purchase a Vietnamese-style sandwich with a chicken or pork filling for $6.99 AUD as a snack.


It costs $5.99 Canadian for a platter of crispy fries covered in gravy, cheese curds, and peppercorns, but if you use this TikToker food court trick, you can make your own poutine for even less money.

Bulgogi Bake

A delectable, portable food resembling a beef calzone has been created from the well-known Korean beef dish.


The cheeseburger, which costs 900 ISK, is one of the most popular items on the food court menu in Iceland.


In Spanish Costco stores, you may get fresh fried croquettes, also known as croquetas, which are a common street food in that country.

Mini Cinnamon Donut Balls

In Japan, the sweet donut poppers cost 480 yen, whereas in Australia, they cost $2.99 AUD.

Bubble Tea

Mango and taro variants of the Taiwanese sweet beverage with chewy tapioca "pearls" are offered.

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