8 Costco Items That Have the Most Customer Complaints

Kirkland Signature Batteries

While these batteries are cheaper than most major brands, they have been the subject of numerous complaints by customers who claim they die too quickly. 

Cheese Pizza 

Costco's cheese pizza is a popular item on the menu at its food court. However, customers have complained that the pizza lacks flavor and is too bland.

Laundry Detergent Pods

These laundry detergent pods are said to be a more affordable alternative to other brands on the market. 

Organic Ground Beef

Many customers have complained that the organic ground beef sold at Costco has an unpleasant smell and taste. 

Shredded Cheese

Although the shredded cheese sold under Kirkland Signature is cheaper than other brands, customers have reported that it doesn't melt well in recipes.

Precooked Bacon

Costco offers precooked bacon that can be an easy breakfast or cooking ingredient. However, customers have reported that the bacon is too salty and can be too greasy. 

Toilet Paper

The toilet paper sold under Kirkland Signature is said to be affordable and environmentally friendly. However, customers have complained that the paper is too thin and not absorbent enough.

K-Cups Kirkland Signature

Customers have reported that the coffee tastes stale and lacks flavor. Some have also noted that the cups don't work well with the machine and can cause it to malfunction.

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